Ep 6: Down In Hoboken

Published Jul 23, 2017 (60 MB)

Once again we come back to the local bar in Hoboken. Ronnie and D'Juan are at their usual seats. Darrell makes his way back to the bar, as well as Nick. Justin calls in from Vegas... to check on the guys and see what exactly they are talking about this time. Open Bar is its own podcast now. The only adult Podcast on the Nerdy Legion network. The fans demanded it, so we give it to you. Setting the bar lower and lower after each episode. Lord have mercy on our souls.

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Ep 13: Black Magick

Published Jul 20, 2017 (27 MB)

In the lucky thirteenth episode of CBW, Paul and Jay investigate Black Magick! 

Published by Image and written by Greg Rucka with art by Nicole Scott, this series follows the activities of Rowan Black, a Portsmouth PD detective who also happens to be a witch. 

Did the books cast a spell on the guys?  

Listen and find out!

Enjoy the show!

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Ep 39: What's New On The WWE Network & Battleground

Published Jul 20, 2017 (48 MB)

Mike and Aaron talk about what's new on the WWE Network, a great match between Barry Windam and Tully Blanchard, Great Balls of Fire thoughts and Battleground Predictions

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Ep 107: #Trending World Wide

Published Jul 19, 2017 (51 MB)

Nick and Martin are back with another nonsensical episode and this week, Aaron Bell, from Podcast of 1000 Holds and Rebirthically takes a seat on the comfy couch. The dynamic trio talk about some of their favorite comic book characters and what soundtracks they would use if they were made into movies and the results may shock you. Plus, Aaron's mad about something (what else is new), Martin has an apology, a shocking new sponsor, why social media is evil, a new crock pot recipe and more!

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Ep 2: Superheroes Ain't What They Used To Be

Published Jul 19, 2017 (52 MB)

Dennis and Jay discuss Black Summer and No Hero, two series by Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp, that deconstruct the Superhero genre and ask hard questions.

Where does heroism end and vigilantism begin?

Or is there even a separation of the two?

if given a choice, would you choose to be a superhero?


As a bonus, Dennis gives some advice on speculative comic book collecting.

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