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Released Aug 23, 2018

On this week's episode Ronnie (@Ronbar316) lets Aaron (@AaronSBell) have it for falling behind apparently 12 issues of Red Hood and the Outlaws.  Aaron put his mind to a goal, and happened to catch up in time for this recording, so they go over the last half year or so of the series, which remains one of the best of Rebirth, and the game changing 25th issue.  They talk a little bit more about Justice League Dark.  Ronnie asks Aaron's opinion on the apparent changes coming to Aquaman to make it more 'movie friendly.'  They talk about the giant scale of Scott Snyder's Justice League series, and where they can possibly go from here.  They talk about how the Unknown Soldier has been in Ronnie's backyard all along.  They briefly cover Batgirl 25, Suicide Squad 2 delays, and how it's almost time for the "Everyone's quitting the DCEU" rumors to start up again.  All this and tangents galore!

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