It Is The Fat Albert And Grampa Vs. Grandpa Debate

Released Dec 27, 2017

In this episode the Immortal Brothers debut a new segment, it is called "JC's Analytics." JC takes a look at the past few years of Valiant solicitations, and how the 1:50 and greater variants have been ramping up, and how current solicitations (all titles) have 1:50 variant. If you are a completionist, this will break down the costs associated with collecting all the solicit books only. We ask ourselves, is it even necessary? 

We also discuss the first eBay sale of Ninjak #0 NYCC Exclusive (Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe) Photo variant ($315) and the second eBay sale of ($355). Only one seller has copies of it, and the online community are speculating it is someone with the Valiant HQ's. We have no clue whom it might be, but we would love to know!

To lighten the mood, we read our latest reviews, and an email from Six Stars Skateboard Professional, Ruben Najera. 

If you have a second, an iTunes review would be VERY appreciated! Feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @collectingvaliant, by sending us an e-mail, or by visiting us on Facebook.

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