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Jinx, You Owe Me A Coke

On this week's episode, Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) catch up on the last few issues of Damage.  How do they hold up to what's happened before?  Does the Annual maintain the high level the recent Annuals have been on?  This conversation leads to a brief discussion on the rest of the New Age of Heroes books, and which books they just haven't cared enough to keep up with.  Here's a hint, it's the same books for both of them.  The go over the finale of the Batman/Deathstroke arc in the continually fantastic Deathstroke series.  This leads into some thoughts on Damian and Red Hood.  Also, is there a possible Red Hood appearance coming in either the DCEU or the Arrowverse (or i suppose the new DC Universe service)?  Ronnie reveals that he has never read Sandman, which somehow doesn't surprise Aaron.  And finally, they end up getting into the first four Jinxworld books.  Without spoiling that conversation, they both liked all four, but their rankings are wildly different.

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On this very special 5th wednesday episode of Rebirthically (@NLRebirthically Aaron (@AaronSBell) is joined by 5th week guest Martin (@GeekVine).  They talk the few Rebirth books that came out this week, along with the possibly recently fired co-host Ronnie @ronbar316).  Why are some annuals not pointless while others fantastic?  How come Jim Lee was drawing 90's X-Men into Suicide Squad?  What caused Ronnie to get 'fired' from the show and have the show cancelled on the network?  All these questions and more are answere on this week's episode.  Once the books are discussed, the discussion shifts to an overall 'first six months of Rebirth' talk.  Favorite writers, artists, and books.  Most improved titles, and biggest let downs are all covered on this episode.

On this week's episode of Rebirthically (@NLRebirthically Aaron (@aaronsbell) and Ronnie (@ronbar316) fight through recording issues to talk all things Rebirth from the past week.  Does Wonder Woman continue to be one of their most improved titles?  Does Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps keep finding new ways to ramp up the action?  Does Damian start to get things in order in Teen Titans?  Do the boys agree on Titans?  Are Detective Comics and Deathstroke still their top two books?  All this and more, on this episode of Rebirthically.

This episode was rough to put together due to skype acting up and the recorder splitting things into multiple files.  Hopefully everything flows smoothly on the episode, but there may be some small skips where files were spliced together.  You can hold Ronnie personally responsible for it all, because it was his connection that caused it.  Also, he's not the one who edited it all together and is writing this right now, so he has no input in what i'm saying.

This week on Rebirthically (@NLRebirthically and Rebirthically@Gmail.Com) your faithful hosts Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) take you on a voyage through all of this past week's DC Rebirth titles.  They go into the hospital with Aquaman.  Through the sewers with Batman.  On an underwater train with Green Arrow.  Saving a little boy and his dog with Frank Laminski.  Through a barn door with Lois Lane.  And finally to Bludhaven with Nightwing.  Do they agree on a top three books of the week?  Do they agree on their least favorite book of the week? Did either of them read Cyborg?  Listen to the episode and find out!

Have you been wondering why some of the slower starting Rebirth titles have really been picking up lately? Well, this week, Aaron (@aaronsbell) and Ronnie (@ronbar316) try to tackle their thoughts on that subject, as well as covering all the DC Rebirth titles from this past week. What happens when you take Wonder Woman to a mall for the first time? Is it cheating if it's with an alternate Earth version of your husband? When a Lantern takes out a planet, does Guy Gardner get the blame? How is it that this week's top three books are the same for our hosts, although in a slightly different order? Tweet the show directly @NLRebirthically and email the show at

This week Aaron (@aaronsbell) is joined by his sidekick and friend Ronnie (@ronbar316) and they are joined by Mike Myers (@MikeMyersBrunch) and Darrell Taylor (@theVoice123) from DC Weekly Reads for a team up/ crossover event of PPV proportions. Almost live, defiantly unedited, and pure entertainment! What does the group talk this week? Well some Marvel pages, FoolKiller, 6 Million Dollar Man and maybe some DC Rebirth books like #Batman, #Superman, #GreenLanterns, #Catwoman, and #Aquaman. How far off the rails do the guys get? Give a listen and find out!

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