Every other week Martin, Ronnie and Travis discuss the latest in the world of Aftershock Comics including news, events, interviews, solicitations, reviews and more! Shock the World!

Aftershock Central Podcast is hosted by Martin Ferretti , Ronnie THE Barron and Travis Williams and produced by Feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @aftershockpod, by sending us an e-mail.

Of Our Own Volition

The boys are back with a full Voltron once again and ready to talk about Aftershock Comics! This week, Ronnie, Martin, and Travis dive into the recent announcement that Aftershock will be making their first issues fully returnable to retailers and why that's a good thing. Then, the boys discuss the latest batch of books including Volition #1, The Lost City Explorers #3, and Babyteeth #12. No new books next week so we'll be back in two weeks!

The Aftershock Central Podcast is back to catch up on all the Aftershock titles from the past two weeks. Travis and Martin kick off discussing the newly announced book, The Moth and Whisper before wrapping up Pestilence: Son Of Satan #1 and Brilliant Trash #6. Then, the boys go in depth on last weeks books with a great discussion on the conclusion of Cold War, just what is going on in Dark Ark, and gush over the final issue of Shipwreck. Thanks for listening!
The boys are back in town! Martin, Ronnie and Travis all get together to discuss three books this week. They deep dive into #BrothersDracul number 2, Her Infernal Descent number 2 and Animosity  number 14. What happens when humans build a wall? Who does Travis bet that shows up in the next issue of HID? What will finally push Vlad over the edge? Listen in and see what the guys say about each book as they deep dive into a lively discussion!
Join Ronnie, Martin and Travis as they discuss the latest from Aftershock Comics! First up, the boys talk about some recent book announcements including Volition and Hot Lunch Special! Then, we dive deep into the books as we discuss Jimmy's Bastards #8, Cold War #4, and a brand new title, A Walk Through Hell #1. Thanks for listening!
Travis returns from his secret mission and joins Martin and Ronnie to form a full Fu-Jitsu Bot! This week, the boys dive deep into the latest Aftershock titles including Backways #5, Betrothed #3 and the final issue (let's hope not) of Rough Riders with Ride Or Die #4! Thanks for listening!
Martin and Ronnie are back!! This week the guys have a special guest... but before they get on with that, they deep dive... (eh? See what we did there) with Dark Ark #6 by Cullen Bunn and Juan Doe. What are some of the crazy theories the guys bring up? Where's Travis? Who's the secret guest?

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