Best of the Rest, An Indie Comics Podcast, is a reflective but not pedantic look at Alternative/independent comics both current and past. Hosts Dennis Chandler and Jay Loving delve into works from publishers such as Vault, Scout, Lion Forge, Fantagraphics, Oni Press, Hard Case Crime, Drawn and Quarterly and others. The cast is for everyone, whether you’re a reader of alternative comics, want to get started or just a curious onlooker. Listen in for Dennis and Jay’s lively discussion mixed with humor (they hope) about the wide-ranging world of Independent comics. 

Best of the Rest is hosted by Dennis Chandler and Jay Loving and produced by Feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @botrcomics, by sending us an e-mail.

The Eight Ages Of Comic Books Eight??

After discussing Dennis's newly found source of comic collecting treasures, they guys talk about a post  they found on that distinguishes 8 ages of comic books from the late nineteenth century until today.

Dennis and Jay embark on another wide ranging discussion of Indie comics with maybe a smattering of Big 2 talk as well.  
In this short bonus episode, Dennis and Jay talk about random topics.  This is the stuff that usually happens for at least a half hour before the podcast begins proper.  Will Batman #457 be discussed?  
Dennis and Jay discuss they things that have piqued their interests lately. Has Jay gone full on board with Black Mask Studios? Is Dennis giving up Cape and Cowl stories?  Well, you will certainly hear what publishers are rising to the top of late.
Dennis and Jay discuss the May Previews catalog for comics released in July.
In this interview with David Pepose and Jorge Santiago Jr., Dennis and jay discuss with them Spencer & Locke an inventive and thoroughly entertaining work published by Action Lab that has been touted as Calvin and Hobbes meets Sin City."  Huh? Join us as David and Jorge give us insight into the creation of this singular work and tease us about what to expect in volume two!

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