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Comics In Black and White is hosted by Paul Tesseneer and produced by Paul Tesseneer. Feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @cbwpodcast, by sending us an e-mail.

The End Is Here

This is it.  The last episode.  Find out why, and head on over to Paul and Michael Occasionally Save the World to continue getting some of this good, good content!

Jack Sutherland of the ACP and UMP podcasts inspired this episode with a facebook post.  I discuss my top 10 most influential albums after kicking the show of with some more listener questions.
This is a question filled episode, with a little Robocop vs. Terminator thrown in for good measure!  
I am joined by Rob Krygier to discuss Uncanny X-Men and our favorite X-covers!
I decided to take a chance on reading something that I thought I wouldn't like.  It got me to thinking about a few things...
In this episode, I talk about Rob's most recent recommendation, She-Hulk, as well as TMNT Urban Legends issue #1.

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