Heroes Aren't Hard To Find

Nick and Martin return with an all new episode of the award winning Nerdy Legion podcast to talk about Heroes Con 2018! Martin got to attend the show this past Saturday and had a blast! The boys talk about the con experience, meeting up with friends, and of course, chatting with creators. We hope you enjoy the episode, and thanks for listening. 

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On an all new Nerdy Legion podcast, Nick and Martin are joined by good friend and arguably number one Trekkie in the world, Joshua Eves, to discuss the latest film, Star Trek Beyond! Please note that while we did not spoil the ending, there are spoilers about the film itself. Plus, we talk trade waiting, comic book statues and more!

On an all new Nerdy Legion, Nick and Martin take a seat on the comfy couch after having watched The Killing Joke on the big screen. Was the film as good as the book? Does the story still hold up? How awesome is Mark Hamill? Listen in and found out!

This week on The Nerdy Legion, Martin and Nick are joined by Ronnie and Aaron from the Rebirthically podcast to discuss all the amazing (and not so amazing) trailers from this year's San Diego Comic Con 2016! We discuss King Arthur, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jack Reacher, Defenders, Wonder Woman, and so much more!

On this episode of The Nerdy Legion, Martin and Nick chat a bit about some of the preliminary news coming out of San Diego Comic Con. Plus, Dreaming Eagles from Aftershock Comics, The Tick reboot, Jean Claude Van Damme has a new show, Justice League Action and so much more!

On this episode of The Nerdy Legion, Nick and Martin start off with a discussion of the Netflix original, Stranger Things, before getting into the meat of the show. We spend a good bit of time discussing Second Sight from Aftershock Comics, the Marvel Comics relaunch later this year, comic book reading habits, and more!

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