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Dealing With Burnout

This week, Nick and Martin get a little serious as the boys dealing with feeling a little burnout from work, and surely, they're not the only ones right? The boys talk about how to deal with burnout, finding some work/life balance, realizing what your priorities are, and more. Plus, some TV talk, and how to make gnocchi from scratch in five easy steps. 

With our big podcasting milestone out of the way, Nick and Martin return to the comfy couch to talk about DC's streaming service and why Martin already has his credit card ready. Plus, Nick discusses Warren Ellis' Global Frequency, Martin apparently only watches apocalyptic TV shows and movies, the problem with binge watching shows, and so much more! 
They said we'd get bored after a dozen episodes but here we are with our 150th episode extravaganza! For this seminal moment in podcasting history, Mike Myers from the Geek Brunch podcast joins Nick and Martin on the comfy couch with more comic talk than you can shake a stick at. Also, don't shake sticks at your comics, it's mean.
Nick and Martin fire up the starship again and they go places! First up is the burning question...why the hell do people listen to this podcast? Somehow, there are valid reasons? Of course there are because we go into childhood nicknames, Martin fixes Twitter, our favorite candy bars, Nick sells Martin on Morrison's Invisibles, conspiracy theories, the Venom trailer and more! 
Nick and Martin return to their shenanigans with a look at Jimmy Olsen! Where is Jimmy Olsen and why does DC not make him a key part of the DC universe? And what does Jimmy Olsen have to do with Grant Morrison being the greatest writer of the modern era? Then, what's going on with Stan Lee, some parenting discussion, Then, the difference between new and old comic book readers, 
C2E2 2018 is over and Nick and Martin have gathered together to talk all about it! How was the con experience this year? Did Nick and Martin have similar con experiences? Was the incessant walking worth it (Answer: yes!)? Plus, Martin tries to convince Nick to watch A Quiet Place. All this and more on an all new episode of The Nerdy Legion?

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