Where Is Jimmy Olsen?

Nick and Martin return to their shenanigans with a look at Jimmy Olsen! Where is Jimmy Olsen and why does DC not make him a key part of the DC universe? And what does Jimmy Olsen have to do with Grant Morrison being the greatest writer of the modern era? Then, what's going on with Stan Lee, some parenting discussion, Then, the difference between new and old comic book readers, 

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Nick and Martin return to the comfy couch for an episode that's out of this world - the culinary world that is. In this episode, Nick and Martin dive into some of our favorite foods and Martin divulges his infinite knowledge about the culinary masterpiece that is blue cheese. Plus, kimchi madness, amazing reads, and more!
Nick and Martin return with an all new episode of the Nerdy Legion and boy do we have stuff to talk about! In this episode, Martin gets ready for the Gotham By Gaslight animated film, Nick loves DVD extras, Martin's most watched movies of all time, and more! And then, things get serious as the boys try to determine whether it's ok to support movies and comics in which creators are involved in some kind of controversy.
Nick and Martin return with another episode of the FLAGSHIP podcast of the Nerdy Legion Podcast Network! What shenanigans will the boys discuss this week? Well, how about the origins of the zombie apocalypse? Maybe they talk about drinking and podcasting? More importantly, what has made it to Nick and Martin's Netflix queue and what is this strange new genre that Martin has found in his recommendations? Finally, time travel, Travellers, Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams on Amazon and so much more!
Did you seriously not get enough of us last week? You want ANOTHER episode of the Nerdy Legion with Nick and Martin? Of course, you do! On what other podcast will you hear the hosts make sexual innuendo late 90s cellphones? Or compare cryptocurrency to a Stanford and sons episode? Or create a top 10 comics list with only 8 titles? Or even manage to have a serious discussion about why so many publishers play it safe with their comics? All this and more, on the podcast that just keeps on giving.
Ever wonder what the Nerdy Legion podcast sounded like if it came out in 1998? Well, wonder no more as this episode is a SNL skit all on its own about that very thing. Ferret Tim played by Aaron talks about his new fast pasted PC and DSL as The Mickster played by Ronnie listens on in wonder as he's dialed in. What do these two also talk about? Psh... it's 1998... they talk about everything that is happening in the world around them. New casting news for the brand new Star Wars movie getting ready to come out. Dreamcast news and they know for a fact. 6 Gigs of hard drive space is WAY to much to ever fill up! What's a Crazy Taxi? Maybe go Jet Set Radio on this episode. Happy Holidays everyone!

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