Welcome to the Ultimate Marvel Podcast, a biweekly show discussing the latest in the Marvel Comics universe. From comics, to TV, to movies, Jack and Ronnie tackle the latest and greatest coming out of Marvel Entertainment.

Ultimate Marvel Podcast is hosted by Jack Sutherland and Ronnie THE Barron and produced by Feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @ultimatemarvpod, by sending us an e-mail.

Unpopular Opinions With Austin

This week Austin joins Ronnie again to talk about his favorite Marvel movies and Marvel TV shows. Be warned because he's full of unpopular opinions. Then they side bar into favorite Spidey costumes as well. What's Austin favorite Marvel Movie? What's his favorite Marvel TV show.... answers might shock you!

Jack and Ronnie are back on an all new UMP to review the 2nd round of Marvel trailers for Infinty War and Deadpool. Jack also breaks down his Infinity War and Avengers 4 predictions and theories... Will Thanos collect all 6 infinity stones in Infinity War? When will we finally see the soul stone, where will it be, and who will possess it? Nobody knows for sure, but we have some pretty solid clues. Find out on an all new Ultimate Marvel Podcast.
We're all about toys on this episode of the Ultimate Marvel Podcast. Jack and Ronnie are some Toy Story talkin fools, discussing vintage 80's toys, resell values, new Marvel collectibles, and more. We also squeeze in a little Shield talk, some upcoming comics news, and Jack rants about Infinity War. But then it's back to more toys! Including He-Man, Mattel Secret Wars... Did I mention we're talking about toys?
It's Showtime A-holes! And Jack and Ronnie are back to discuss all the latest Marvel goodness, including Marvel's new direction announcement, our favorite current comics, a Black Panther wrap-up review, and a little Marvel silver age comic collecting.
The long anticipated Black Panther movie is finally here, and we break it all down for you in this latest installment of the Ultimate Marvel Podcast. In this episode good times roll as Jack Sutherland is joined by Martin Ferretti and D'Juan Hammonds. We give our reviews of the movie as well as the social implications of the film. And yes we do have full on SPOILERS! So consider yourself warned.
In this episode Jack Sutherland takes a journey through the 50 year history of one of Marvel's most underrated yet highly pivotal characters, Adam Warlock, as well as the history of the Infinity Gems. From Roy Thomas to Jim Starlin to Dan Abnett, Jack uncovers the critical stories that have led the Marvel comicbook universe as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to where they are now, in a frantic race to save the universe from the misguided power of the Infinity Gems.

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