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Valiant Central Podcast is hosted by Martin Ferretti and Paul Tesseneer and produced by Martin Ferretti

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Welcome back to the Valiant Central Podcast, your weekly source for Valiant Entertainment discussion...and boy is there a lot to discuss this week! A leak is reporting that the Russo Brothers, famous for creating Arrested Development and Community as well as directing the latest batch of Marvel films including Captain America: Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, and of course, the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War are said to be involved in the project along with a couple of writers who are no strangers to comics. What does this mean for the project? Are fans still excited about these shows and movies? Will we ever actually see them released? Plus, Martin fell in love with Divinity III: Escape from Gulag 396 this week and he has a little crazy theory time to run by Paul and the listening audience. Finally, X-O Manowar is coming next week, so we had to talk about it! Thanks for listening and be sure to check us out on Twitter @whospaul and @geekvine!

Published Mar 17, 2017 (57 MB)

Welcome to an emergency recording of the Valiant Central Podcast where Paul and Martin form that Valiant Voltron to discuss all the news to come out of Emerald City Comic Con 2017! Well...kinda of. The boys talk the return of Harbinger: Renegade, a character death that will change the universe, the return of Bloodshot with Salvation, new Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe information and so much more! Plus, what happened at the Image panel and what that has to do with Valiant...

Published Mar 05, 2017 (58 MB)

Welcome back to VCP, the Valiant Central Podcast, your weekly source for Valiant Entertainment discussion. This week, Paul and Martin have lots to discuss, starting off with an unprecedented initiative by Valiant to support retails in selling through their orders of <em>X-O Manowar #1</em>, due out March 22. The boys talk about some of the retailer incentives, promotional material, and some behind the scenes info on the initiative. Then, Martin and Paul dive deep into the recent rumblings from the Valiant fan community about Harbinger: Renegade and go in-depth into why the book is definitely worth a read and not something to be taken lightly. All this plus sales discussions, Emerald City Comic Con, and the announcement of a new Valiant podcast aimed at collectors!

Published Mar 02, 2017 (100 MB)

Welcome back to another episode of VCP, the Valiant Central Podcast! Valiant's been busy this week so Paul and Martin have tons of discuss this episode. Of course we talk about ComicsPRO and all the promotional goodies revealed there. We also discuss the return of Eternal Warrior with a one-shot in May, Valiant joining the Warped Tour, merchandise updates, Most importantly, we talk about how it seems that Valiant is getting back to basics in 2017 as we dive a little into what ICONS could be. Thanks for listening!

Published Feb 25, 2017 (46 MB)

Welcome back to the Valiant Central Podcast, your weekly source for Valiant Entertainment discussion! This week, Martin is joined by his new co-host, Valiant CEO, Dinesh Shamdasani, to discuss what to expect from the upcoming X-O Manowar series written by Matt Kindt with art by Tomas Giorello. What sets this run apart from Robert Venditti's run? Where is Saana? How different is Aric's relationship to the armor? What lies underneath the mysteries of this new alien planet? All this and more, plus, guest appearances by Valiant Editor-In_Chief, Warren Simons, and ex co-host Paul Tesseneer, some Rapture discussion, the return of Shadowman and more, on a new VCP!

Published Feb 17, 2017 (56 MB)