What Did You Watch This Week

Ep 52: A sly smile crept across his lips

March 13, 2017 at 10:57PM

Welcome to the 52nd episode of the top notch, ready for prime time, had all its shots, podcast featuring two highly unqualified critics of screens both large and small!  On the unofficial 1 year episode-iversary, the guys take a harder look at the shows they have been covering for the past year, and really take the gloves off on a few of them.  It may have been a light week, but that won't stop them from cutting down into Legends and Flash to expose the succulent meaty cores of these slabs of ham-fisted entertainment, as well as carving off some chunks of Lethal Weapon and a report on the latest Chicago show from Dick Wolf.  We laugh, we cry, we even learn a few things by the end, so come along and join us on this raucous ride that we call "What did You Watch this Week?"

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