Issue #95: Netflix Umbrella Academy Season 2

The Bright Side Comics Chat

🎒SPOILER FREE chat for the first 16:41 including their overall opinion of the series and if you should check it out.  
Then John and DJ break down season two of the Netflix series based on Gerard Way's Dark Horse Comic.  Plenty of fun tangents including one about Batman, its always fun to throw a little Batman talk into everything.  

What The %@%@ You Think Fairplay Means?

Comic Book Legion

In this episode Mark and Clay discuss this weeks DC Comics.

Indie Alley: Why Are You A Hater?

Indie Alley

We fight through faulty internet to bring another heart-pounding (It's not heart-pounding) action-packed episode to you this week on Indie alley. With an advanced look at Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia - Galact-O-Massacre. Discussions about Chu, The Resistance, Old Guard Force Multiplied, and North Bend. 

Then it's Lucha time with 6 freshly baked takes from El Rey de Justice. The Donut man. Joey D. lots of woman 's wrestling, GCW, Talking Shopamania, & Wrestlehouse. 

Pickles And Dynamite

The Bunngalow

Cindy and Cullen are back once again with a new episode. Not only are our favorite Bunn's back but so is Josh Roberts. What's been happening deep in the bowels Snake Mountain? Pull up the summer hammock, pour yourself a tasty beverage and come listen where the air is salty.... and so are they.

Comic Talk Today Comic Talk Headlines For August 7th, 2020 | Mandalorian Season 2 And Black Adam Rumors, Who Is The Boss Really?, And More!

Comic Talk Today

Time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Generally Nerdy!  Comedy Central is adding Ren and Stimpy to their animation revival slate. Pinocchio has found his Gepetto. John Wick 5 confirmed. DC Fandome will answer a LOT of our rumor questions. And so will the NBA??? All that AND MORE!!  Catch up on all the nerdy headlines in TV and Movies, Tuesdays and Fridays. Plus, don't forget to subscribe for more fresh content.   

Week 31 Of 2020: Twister (1996)

Bright Side Home Theater

This week DJ experienced a Tropical Storm rolling through his town so of course its time to break out the ole Twister Blu-Ray.  Before that there are quite a bit of listener comments and a really interesting email that really sums up the Home Theater hobby.  

The Week In Comics: Release The Hounds

The Bright Side Comics Chat

Two pieces of HUGE news this week.  One is that IT'S TIME TO RELEASE THE HOUNDS!!  John and DJ are excited to be back at it and reading DC again and they talk about their agonizing, long hiatis from all things DC and what they're going to do first.  The second piece of big news is a surprise POP IN.  The first ever Bright side pop in to Arkham Comics and games and its a fun one.  Of course theres plenty of comic book store talk as well so lets get into the store...

Comic Talk Today Comic Talk Headlines For August 4th, 2020 | Beyond Good And Evil "Live Action" Movie, Disney To Not Release Movies With Actors?

Comic Talk Today

Time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Generally Nerdy!  Splinter Cell animated series coming to Netflix. Batman: Death in the Family interactive movie? Is Star Wars opening up to "R" rated movies? Deadpool meeting up with Galactus? All that AND MORE!!  Catch up on all the nerdy headlines in TV and Movies, Tuesdays and Fridays. Plus, don't forget to subscribe for more fresh content.  

Aliens, Curses, And Homicides... Oh My!

The Nerdgrounds

What started off as a very brief conversation about video games veered into one about cursed movie sets and the return of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix! 

Press 9 To Be Removed From Our List

What Did You Watch This Week

This week the news was light, but the shows were heavy!  We got some shocking outcomes on Hannibal, some big reveals on Dark, and even tried out a few new shows, including one that had a special request to check out a new original called Bit Playas  from the production company!  Our first solicitation, how exciting!  

Marking Out: Strongman Pt 1

Indie Alley

Episode 3 of The Marking Out Podcast. Lots of wrestling comic book news, Warhausan, Tales from the Road, and Planet Wrestltopia.

 Then I give my impression of the TPB Strongman Vol 1 by Charles Soule, Alan Gladfelter, Shawn De Pasquale,  Paul Adam

Love Me Sexy

Nerds From The Underground

In an all-new, all or nothing, life or death episode @ComicsFred & @JohnnyAlpha81 stop playing nice & go full-on Captain Caveman on the Netflix movie Extraction based on the Oni Press graphic novel Ciudad! Then they get fully lit up with Killadelphia by Rodney Barnes & Jason Shawn Alexander, this is the kind of show your parents always warned you about, so dive in & enjoy yo! XD

Issue #94: Star Trek Ii: The Wrath Of Kahn

The Bright Side Comics Chat

So much to get to in this episode of an almost 40 year old...  classic?  John and DJ go back and forth debating on the merits of set design, acting, talk about Vulcan Funerals and the difference between Irish and Scottish.  There's even a little controversy thrown in for fun, because you know, these guys tend to trend on the wild side.  So for a wild ride just head into the store...

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