Halloween Swag Style

Missouri Swagger

This is the Halloween episode for Missouri Swagger. Dennis and Cullen talk about what they do during the Halloween season. 

Holy Excessive Amount Of Ninjas Batman!!

The Bat-Pod

Bill & Joey discuss Batman #56, Detective #989 and Nightwing #50, Topic of the Week, I am Gotham, Stump the Co-host and Character Spotlight. Bill and Joey are joined by Martin Ferretti from the Nerdy Legion Podcast Network and Nate Campbell.

It's Not Phlegm

Nerdy Legion

What kinda of shenanigans will Nick and Martin get into this week? Well to start off, Martin's daughter turned 15 so of course the boys have to talk about unicorn t-shirts, mall trips, and what the hell a Marshmello is. This sets the boys on a journey of birthday traditions, Chinese takeout, and decoding Nick's spider dreams, before diving into a discussion of the pros and cons of their favorite superhero powers and why synesthesia is a hell of a thing. Thanks for listening!

Down By The Pinky Brown

Aftershock Central Podcast

Ronnie and Martin return with an all new episode of the Aftershock Central Podcast and this week is a slightly shorter episode with only two new books out. Join the dynamic duo as they discuss Animosity: Evolution #8 and Patience!Conviction!Revenge! #2 and tune in to find out why Travis is absent from the episode (hint: he's on a special mission for Wintermute). 

It's The 1st Annual 109th Episode Anniversary Spectacular!

Absolute DC Podcast

That's right folks!  Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) have been doing this show for so long, it's time to celebrate with a giant sized anniversary spectacular!  Listen to all the guests!  Hear all the laughs!  Experience all the good times! Or...

Just listen to the fellas talk about Titans and some other DC related things like pretty much every other episode.  They do talk a little about the show's history (not really) and have a super surprise guest come on and give some exclusive news (totally doesn't happen).  But it's mostly just business as usual for these two.

Parkouring Around With The X Men And Alex Cosa!

Paul And Michael Occasionally Save The World

Alex is back to discuss X-Men movies and video games!!!

Process And The Villain

Missouri Swagger

New episode has Dennis and Cullen talking all about the comic writing process. Is it idea and hook or from own experience? Dennis reveals why he's always been the villain from 16 years old and on.

Top Of The Pile For October 16, 2018

Comic Talk Today

It's time to talk about books from this past new comic book day on an episode we like to call, the top of the pile. In this episode, Martin discusses These Savage Shores #1, Red Hood and the Outlaws #27, Animosity #16, Domino #7, Infinite Dark #1, Albert Einstein: Time Mason #1, The Wrong Earth #2, and the pick of the week, Murder Falcon #1. Plus, the comic predictor!

What The Chuck Wendig Controversy Says About The Future Of Comics

Comic Talk Today

Chuck Wendig has been pulled off an upcoming Star Wars title by Marvel and it got Martin thinking...what does it say about the current state of the comic book industry and what does it mean going forward. NOTE: The viewpoints expressed in this episode are Martin's alone and do not reflect the points of view of anyone else on the Nerdy Legion Podcast Network. Feel free to contact Martin on Twitter @geekvine or email yell@comictalk.today to continue the discussion. 

Tequila For Everyone

Tequila Cast

Jeramey and Cullen are joined by Anton "Sidecar" Kromoff on this maiden voyage of the Tequila Cast as they partake in their celebration of spirits. The trio briefly talk about their trip to Smith Creek Distillery before diving into some tequila. In this episode, Casamigos Anejo and Espolon Extra Anejo

Catching Up On Comics

Comic Talk Today

At long last Martin catches up on his comics pulls from the last few weeks of September and into the first week of October with a discussion of ten books that really caught his attention.

Titans First Impressions With Joey Galvez

Comic Talk Today

The Titans show is finally live on DC Universe and Martin had to talk about it, but he couldn't do it alone. Joining Martin on this episode is Joey Galvez from The Bat-Pod and the two discuss all aspects of the show from story to execution and whether the show is good enough to warrant subscribing to the fledgling service. Before you listen, beware, there will be spoilers. 

Watching A TV Show In A Theater?!

What Did You Watch This Week

Welcome back everyone!  This week the guys talk their normal talk about some of the finest small screen entertainment available, and also regale you with stories about their live viewing of the inaugural stop of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 LIVE! Tour.

So James Gunn On Suicide Squad...Let's Talk About That

Comic Talk Today

It has been confirmed that James Gunn' has been tapped by Warner Brothers to write the Suicide Squad 2 film following the exit of the previous creative team due to creative differences involving a plot similar to the Birds of Prey film so of course Martin dives into the news and discusses what direction Gunn could take the franchise in, and more. 

Mental Health

Missouri Swagger

Cullen and Dennis discuss mental health, self care... and power tools?

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