Ep 43: Nxt Takeover And Summerslam Predictions

Paul joins Mike on the show this week as they breakdown their predictions for NXT Takeover Brooklyn III and of course the biggest party of the summer SummerSlam.  Aaron and Ronnie are with them in spirit as they sent in their picks for this weekends big events.  Mike's running on three hours sleep in this episode, but he pulls it off.

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Ep 8: Nobody's Puppet

Gather 'round Gothamites, it's time for a few episode of I Am Gotham, a podcast exploring Bat family history from 1939 to the present and beyond! In this episode, Martin discusses Batman #3 from the fall of 1940. Enjoy the show!

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Ep 30: Gotta Be Thankful For All That Trash

Never fear Aftershock fans, Martin and Ronnie are here! But where's Jack? He may have been kidnapped by Merlin, who knows. This week, Martin and Ronnie kick things off by discussing the recently announced Tim Seeley title "Brilliant Trash" before moving on to talk about last week's books - "BabyTeeth" #3 and "Unholy Grail" #2. Enjoy the show!

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Ep 110: Where Martin Punches Nazis

Reunited and it feels so gooooooooooood! Welcome to another episode of the Nerdy Legion podcast, the best place to get your geek culture discussion and debauchery...now an award winning podcast! What the heck you say!? It's true! This week, Nick and Martin talk about the recent rumors that Martin may be switching from physical comics to digital, and the boys address both sides of the argument in an in-depth discussion of the merits of both formats. Will the switch actually happen? Tune in and find out!

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Ep 137: Watch Your Back, Vcr

Welcome back to the Valiant Central Podcast, your #1 source for Valiant Entertainment discussion. This week, Paul and Martin get back to their roots, with no Twitch chat and just pure discussion. We dive into the effect of social media on how we read books and why you should be a little more assertive before sharing your opinion on social. Then, we have an in-depth discussion about what we're enjoying and maybe not enjoying as much on Valiant's lineup including an interesting discussion on "Secret Weapons" up to and including issue #3, so if you haven't read it, be ready for some spoilers. Don't forget, next week, Eric Heisserer will be joining Paul and Martin for a further discussion on current and future state of the book, what other things he's working on, working on "Arrival" and so much more!

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Ep 7: Return Of The Joker

Welcome back to an all new episode of I Am Gotham, an exploration of Bat family history. In this episode, Martin talks about Batman #2 from the summer of 1940. This issue contains four stories: "The Joker Meets Catwoman", "Wolf, The Crime Master", "The Clubfoot Murders", and "The Case of the Missing Link." Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to let us know what you think of the format change for upcoming issues!

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Ep 72: A Little Horse

On this week's fun-filled episode of What Did You Watch This Week, the guys with the opinions make some small talk much bigger as they wax intellectual about shows like Blood Drive, Hooten and the Lady and Midnight Texas, as well as expressing their frustration over the recent episodes of Preacher. Mike weighs in on John's recommendation of The Guest Book, and John lets you know if The Dark Tower is worth seeing.

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Ep 42: CZW, Progress, Highspots Network, And More

Mike does most of the talking as he and Aaron chat about the CZW Once in a Lifetime PPV, The Highspots Network, watching Progress Wrestling Super Strong Style 16 2017 tournament and more.  Night one of the tournament featured Jack Sexsmith vs. Zack Gibson was amazing.

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Ep 3: Fatally Wounded. Not Again?

In this episode Dennis and Jay discuss the new ongoing series The Damned from Oni Press. Creators Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt weave an intriguing tale that combines the paranormal with prohibition era crime noir. Demonic crime families an mob bosses fight to control bootleg liquor and the souls of their "customers." Caught up in this is a man who just can't seem to avoid getting his throat cut from time to time!

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