Bright Side Home Theater

John and DJ have another almost 3 HOUR show for you this week!
Start with DJ’s meeting with Ara of HT Guys Podcast
Then and Update on Patreon and how the donations are going
Bright Side Home Theater with the support of all their Patrons will be donating $100 to the SAFE COALITION! 
If you would like to donate directly just click here
15:42 - DJ found a hiccup with his Marantz and the cause of why Elvis didn’t sound up to standards 
20:55 - The boys dive into a bunch of Listeners Experiences
48:22 - Bright Side International with Steve George Twitter: @LEGALBEAGLEOK
1:19:44 - New 4K Releases Coming August 23rd
1:36:26 - Their favorite Home Theater experiences over the past week 
2:32:19 - This weeks Featured Experience - 12 Strong on Netflix and Kaleidescape
John and DJ share their thoughts on the movie plus
  • How was the 5.1 sound?
  • How was the 4K picture?
  • How did the HDR look?
  • What was Netflix thinking?

All that and so much more!
The boys are BACK together, and the laughs ensue.  If you can’t laugh while talking Home Theater, you’re doing something wrong. Right?

Push Play and hear for yourself.


Bright Side Home Theater

It’s Take Over Tuesday where the listeners run the podcast.
And this week’s episode is featuring Home Theater Visits!

A few listeners have reached out about visiting other Home Theater Owners, so DJ decided to try and add a segment top the show.  Mike, Jon and Omar looked like they were having so much fun others want to do the same, so let’s put our minds together and see what we can come up with.  Also, DJ answers an email from Jonathan that hits on something I think we can all relate to, scheduling.   

All that and not much more!
Some Home Theater fun!
If you don’t believe it…

Push Play and Hear for yourself!


Nerdy Legion

Nick and Martin are back to prove the haters that the show still exists! On this episode, we give you the recipe that make this magic work. Add a little bit of Netflix's Sandman to a little bit of Sword of X, then throw in a smidgeon of Amazon's Paper Girls, a hint of The Wheel of Time, chop up a little Duncan Jones and movie statistics, stir in the Power Wash Simulator, dump in a whole lot of Prey and Predator discussion, and you get...another episode of the flagship podcast of the entire internet...The Nerdy Legion (with Nick Wetmore). 

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