Less Is More

What Did You Watch This Week

This week John and Mike keep it short and sweet, but make sure to dig into the latest and greatest shows, including the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones (which seems to have had a different effect on each of them.)

Only Judy Can Judge Me

The Bunngalow

The Bunngalow is BACK! Cindy and Cullen talk about what they have been busy doing... or is it sing about what they have been doing? Elivs, conventions and Venom, oh my! Have you ever heard the urban legend of Potato Claus? What about some swag? How do you get some Bunngalow Swag? 

Star Wars Celebration Chicago!

2BT: All In Da Family

This week Dave takes us with him to Chicago to celebrate Star Wars!  What did he do?  What did he see?  And most importantly, what did he eat?  Listen and find out.  Thanks for listening!

Swamp Less

Absolute DC Podcast

Ronnie and Aaron start off talking about the Swamp Thing teaser trailer and then go into the bizarre announcement of it getting cut in episodes and the reasons why. Then the guys dive into Damage and Electric Warriors before going off topic with some other talk.

Don't You Follow The Rules?

The Bat-Pod

In this fun filled Episode Bill and Joey discuss Batman #68, Grim Knight #1, Detective #1001, The guys invite Ronnie from Absolute DC Podcast, and Aftershock Central for this weeks Topic Of The Week (Top 3 Favorite Covers) Joey can't seem to follow the rules. Stump The Co-Host(Elseworlds).
Who's gonna clean up the mess left in the Fortress Of Solitude?? That's what i wanna Know! 

Cogito, Ergo Sum

Aftershock Central Podcast

Martin and Travis are back this week with a jam-packed episode in which we discuss the past two weeks of Aftershock titles, and boy, are they good ones! In this episode, the boys discuss Orphan Age #1, Mary Shelly Monster Hunter #1, Relay #5, Stronghold #3, and last but most certainly not least, Animosity #20. Which book will make it to the top of our list? Tune in next week as we discuss Dark Red #2 and Out of The Blue OGN!

Comics Should Be Fun With Matthew Klein

Valiant Central Podcast

Join Martin and D'Juan as they discuss the latest batch of Valiant news including a hefty discussion of some collector's items including glass variants and the recently announced USB key by Git Corp which contains the entire Valiant catalog from May 2012 to December 2018. Will the boys be diving into these and what exactly is the market for each of these items? Then, stay tuned for the last 25 minutes as VP of Sales and Marketing Matthew Klein joins Martin for an incredible chat on the evolution of variants at Valiant, the creation of the glass covers, creating new fans, and learning how to have fun. Plus, the future of X-O and Psi-Lords! Thanks also to Gregg Katzman, Valiant's marketing coordinator for arranging the whole chat!

Comic Talk Headlines For April 17, 2019

Comic Talk Today

It's Wednesday and time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Dustin, aka, Generally Nerdy! Catch up on everything that's happening in the world of comic books, movies and TV on Tuesdays and Fridays and be sure to subscribe to get fresh daily content. 

I Never Had Shrimp Tacos Before

Nerdy Legion

It's a fun filled episode as Nick and Martin discuss the Adventures of Nerd Dad! Martin spent a ton of time with his kids this past week so he relates the tale of how he ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings and how that got his kids obsessed with word search puzzles. Plus, who the hell goes to Best Buy anymore? How can you tell when you're eating at a genuine Mexican restaurant? Is Chipotle the ultimate garbage restaurant? Is Shazam the greatest superhero of all time? What happened that made Martin lose his mind? Nick reads Wildstorm, Martin dives back into Top Cow and more on the award winning Nerdy Legion podcast!

How Many Simultaneous Streams?!

What Did You Watch This Week

This week John and Mike have a double batch of most shows to talk about, including The Rookie, Legends of Tomorrow, and the series finale of You're the Worst.  This is just the tip of the iceberg tho, so come check it out!

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