Issue #52: Year 1 Solo To Joker

The Bright Side Comics Chat

🎒John and DJ chat about their first year of The Bright Side Chat. 
The highs...
                         ... there were many.
The lows...
                         ...there are few, but they're pretty funny.  

They've been told they're doing this the hard way...
                                                                                                  ...but wheres the fun in the easy path?
But they ALWAYS have fun.

Joker Review

Comic Book Legion

In this episode, two of the original members of the Nation of Nerds Podcast are back to review WB Pictures latest film "Joker"

Episode 144 Let's Wrestle Vol. 10

The Wrestling Insomniac

This week Mikey is back on the show as he and Mike drive to Orono, Maine for Let's Wrestle Vol. 10 "Don't Lose Your Head".  On the drive up we chat about the show plus we look at AEW, NWA Powerrr and everything wrestling that comes to mind.  On the drive home we run down the results to the show.  

Star Wars To Korn To Bob Dylan To Star Wars

2BT: All In Da Family

The episode title kind of says it all.  Buckle up! Lots of Star Wars talk with lots of 2BT tangent digression awfulness.  Enjoy the show!  Oh, and watch El Camino.  It's pretty good!

Nerds From The Underground: Robot Boners

Indie Alley

A bonus episode of Nerds From The Underground your favorite Indie TPB podcast. Indie Alley crew has the weekend off. So the Nerds are pulling double duty with Reviews of Volume's 1 of Shutter and Saga

Professor Elemental's Steampunk Carousel

Bibliophile Adventures

The Bibliophile Adventures Podcast is deeply honored to have Paul Alborough, the alter ego of Professor Elemental, join Michael from Germany for a wonderful discussion about steampunk, hip hop, comics, Brexit, creativity, art, and many more wonderful things.  Professor Elemental is the steam powered hip hop emcee starring on many albums and in comics, games, radio series and stories.  His new album, Professor Elemental and His Amazing Friends II, is out now.   In this jam packed collection of fabulous collaborations, you'll head to the far flung future & steampunk speakeasys, visit weird freakshows and mysterious deserts. All with some of the finest names in independent music. Guest starring: Tom Caruana, Ella Jean, The Sweetchunks, Flevans, Lack of Afro, Megaran and so very many more. This is one party that you won't regret in the morning!  Soon to be released is a brand new book of comedy horror stories, Professor Elemental's Tales of Wrong.  Please visit Professor Elemental's Patreon to lend your support and check out his website,  Feel free to contact the podcast at or reach out to us on twitter.  And if you would like to submit an episode on a book, author,  album, or even discuss and promote your own work and what inspires you, please, don't hesitate to contact us and share your bibliophile (or audiophile) adventure!

Comic Talk Headlines For Oct. 11, 2019 Short And Sweet!

Comic Talk Today

Time for some more Comic Talk Headlines with Generally Nerdy! Just some news for you today. Catch up on all the nerdy headlines in TV and Movies, Tuesdays and Fridays. Plus, don't forget to subscribe for more fresh content daily.   

What The F*Ck Is 5 G?

Comic Book Legion

In this emotional episode Clay goes nuts and Mark is sad. They discuss this weeks DC Comics news regarding 4G and 5G and this weeks comics.

Great Sale On Comics, Aisle 112

Aftershock Central Podcast

Martin and Travis return for another episode of the Aftershock Central Podcast as we go really deep into the world of Animosity #24 by Marguerite Bennett, Elton Thomas and Rafael De Latorre, then try to wrap our heads around the multiple levels of allegory and satire of Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated #1 by Patrick Kindlon and Stefano Simeone.

The Week In Comics: Powers Of X #6

The Bright Side Comics Chat

This week was a fairly slow week in news but John and DJ more than make up for it with there book club chat.  They also have a very extended spoiler filled chat about Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity and Powers of X #6.

Nerds From The Underground: Clowns & Tasty Sandwiches

Indie Alley

Your Favorite Indie TPB review show has returned, and on this episode, Fred & Johnny explore Volume's 1 of Sink and Hot Lunch Special. They also do a quick rundown of the Kickstarter Killtopia #2 

Pulp Fiction Sans Quentin Tarantino

Best of the Rest

Dennis and Jay discuss collecting pulp magazines dating from the 1920's through the 50's and the similarities and differences to collecting comics.

'Cause I'm Free, Freeballing

Nerdy Legion

People sometimes complain that there's not enough comic talk on the show so it's time to shut your dirty little mouths and get a big gulp of that goodness as Nick and Martin dive deep into comics! Nick's been doing his Halloweeny reading which leads to a great discussion on how to know when to stop reading a book and how to regain your focus when a book has you not wanting to read anything. Plus, Crisis On Infinite Earths, Nameless, flash flood warnings and maybe, if you're good, Martin buys something while recording! Thanks for listening!

Arkham Video Game Series And The Future Of Star Wars

The Nerdgrounds

Jake and Blake sit down to talk about the recent Arkham video game teaser dropped on Batman Day 2019. They follow it up discussing the news of Kevin Feige moving on to work on the Star Wars franchise. 

Goodbye, Friend...

What Did You Watch This Week

This week John and Mike dive deep into the season premiere of The Rookie, laugh at Superstore, and dig into all the other shows you've come to expect.  Then, with plenty of spoiler warnings, they break down their viewing of Joker and the season premiere of Mr. Robot! Not an episode to be missed!

Comic Talk Headlines For Oct. 8th They Are Doing What With Lex Luthor?

Comic Talk Today

 Time for some more Comic Talk Headlines with Generally Nerdy! All that NYCC goodness! Catch up on all the nerdy headlines in TV and Movies, Tuesdays and Fridays. Plus, don't forget to subscribe for more fresh content daily.   

Issue #51: Joker

The Bright Side Comics Chat

🎒DJ has a take that John can't believe...  Or does he?  And somehow John and DJ find a way to weave the sitcom NEWHART into their take on the Joker.  
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There is so much to unpack you should just stop reading and get into the store...

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