What The Chuck Wendig Controversy Says About The Future Of Comics

Comic Talk Today

Chuck Wendig has been pulled off an upcoming Star Wars title by Marvel and it got Martin thinking...what does it say about the current state of the comic book industry and what does it mean going forward. NOTE: The viewpoints expressed in this episode are Martin's alone and do not reflect the points of view of anyone else on the Nerdy Legion Podcast Network. Feel free to contact Martin on Twitter @geekvine or email yell@comictalk.today to continue the discussion. 

Tequila For Everyone

Tequila Cast

Jeramey and Cullen are joined by Anton "Sidecar" Kromoff on this maiden voyage of the Tequila Cast as they partake in their celebration of spirits. The trio briefly talk about their trip to Smith Creek Distillery before diving into some tequila. In this episode, Casamigos Anejo and Espolon Extra Anejo

Catching Up On Comics

Comic Talk Today

At long last Martin catches up on his comics pulls from the last few weeks of September and into the first week of October with a discussion of ten books that really caught his attention.

Titans First Impressions With Joey Galvez

Comic Talk Today

The Titans show is finally live on DC Universe and Martin had to talk about it, but he couldn't do it alone. Joining Martin on this episode is Joey Galvez from The Bat-Pod and the two discuss all aspects of the show from story to execution and whether the show is good enough to warrant subscribing to the fledgling service. Before you listen, beware, there will be spoilers. 

Watching A TV Show In A Theater?!

What Did You Watch This Week

Welcome back everyone!  This week the guys talk their normal talk about some of the finest small screen entertainment available, and also regale you with stories about their live viewing of the inaugural stop of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 LIVE! Tour.

So James Gunn On Suicide Squad...Let's Talk About That

Comic Talk Today

It has been confirmed that James Gunn' has been tapped by Warner Brothers to write the Suicide Squad 2 film following the exit of the previous creative team due to creative differences involving a plot similar to the Birds of Prey film so of course Martin dives into the news and discusses what direction Gunn could take the franchise in, and more. 

Mental Health

Missouri Swagger

Cullen and Dennis discuss mental health, self care... and power tools?

Comics, Comics, Yum, Yum

Nerdy Legion

Nick and Martin return with an oversized episode that goes places! First up, the boys do their media roundup and discuss some of the shows they've been watching. Martin's been really digging Manifest and The First and so is Nick's wife, but why isn't Nick watching? Then, some comic talk inspired by a discussion on another podcast, Nick brings back three questions in the spirit of the Halloween season that may make Martin gag. Plus, what the hell is qualia and why does Martin talk about it for like ten minutes? All this and more, on the Grabby Award winning podcast, the Nerdy Legion. 

A Thursday Spooktacular With Ronnie Barron And Cullen Bunn

Comic Talk Today

Martin had to take the day off so Ronnie Barron from the Absolute DC podcast takes over the show and brings comic book writer and podcaster extraordinaire Cullen Bunn along to get their spooky on. Ronnie and Cullen discuss Cullen's latest books including A Passage In Black, a black and white horror anthology inspired by classic horror magazines that Martin is very excited to read, and other awesome horror books on the horizon including the original graphic novel Witch Hammer from Aftershock, Blossoms 666 from Archie, Vampirella/Reanimator from Dynamite and more. Plus, Cullen's favorite Halloween traditions, some scary movie discussion, and a Cave Con wrap-up.

We're On Fleek

Aftershock Central Podcast

After taking a week off, Ronnie, Martin and Travis return to catch you up on all things Aftershock, and boy is there a ton to discuss. First up, Donny Cates' God Country has been given the movie green light but what does Aftershock have to do with it all? Isn't that an Image title? Plus, the boys discuss the recently announced original graphic novels from Garth Ennis and Marguerite Bennett before diving into this week's books including The Last Space Race #1, Animosity #16, Moth and Whisper #2, Hot Lunch Special #3, and last week's books: Lollipop Kids #1 and A Walk Through Hell #5. 

Absolute Nycc

Absolute DC Podcast

As you may already know from the Constantine panel episode, Aaron (@AaronSBell) was at NYCC this year as per usual.  Ronnie (@Ronbar316) sits down with him to talk about the weekend.  What were the highs and lows of the weekend?  What was his son's first convention experience like?  They also talk a little bit of comics at the end, mostly about how it seems Brian Michael Bendis will be writing Matt Kindt levels of comics a month for DC with the new announcements.

What We've Been Reading

Best of the Rest

Yes, we don't just talk about Indie comics, we read them too. Join us as we discuss the titles that have most intrigued us lately.

I'm The Best There Is At What I Do But What I Do Isn't Very Nice

Paul And Michael Occasionally Save The World

This week we answer Twitter questions! We also look at the return of Wolverine, Brian Wood's comic Starve, Bioshock, Amazon's Jack Ryan, Sword Daughter and much more!

All These Imprints, And Still No Milestone

Comic Talk Today

It's a brand new week and a brand new episode of Comic Talk Today! On this episode, Martin picks out some of the most interesting bits of news to come out of New York Comic Con 2018. To kick things off, he discusses Brian Michael Bendis' new teen-focused imprint at DC set within regular continuity and just who these books are for. Then, some interesting follow up on the Batman: Damned discussion from last week, before wrapping up with a discussion on Humanoids' new H1 shared universe launching Summer 2019. Is there room within the industry for yet another shared universe? Plus, some picks for this week's new comic book day in the comic predictor!

Wild Kingdom

2BT: All In Da Family

This week Dave and Michael leave the safety of Echo Base and venture out among real live Texas Earthlings! Michael named a cat. Dave saw a rooster. They discuss The Mandalorian, Doctor Who, and the books they've been reading.  Plus a lot of mischief and mayhem!

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