Batman #66 Bonus Episode

The Bat-Pod

While Bill and most of The Nerdy Legion Guys are living it up in Chicago for C2E2 Joey's at home Recording a Bonus Episode With DJ from The Bright Side Chat Podcast. They discuss Batman #66 Nightmares part #4, Joey and DJ dive deep into the Psyche of Batman and answer some questions they have lingering....maybe not but they definitely have a great conversation. So pop some popcorn and put on your headphones and press play. 
Stay safe in the Windy City Nerdy Legion!!

C Squared E Squared

Absolute DC Podcast

In this episode Aaron talks some casting news. Ronnie still hasn't packed for C2E2 and it's less than 12 hours before he leaves. What's he hunting for there and what must he get while there? 

Previews Trimmed Down

Best of the Rest

This episode Dennis and Jay take a slimmed down, more focused look at the February Previews catalog, focusing on just a handful if items each was especially impressed with.   Give it a listen and let us know what you think?

No Shaking Things Off When You're A Woman

The Bunngalow

Cindy and Cullen are back from their road trip! What happened while they were on the road? What's their punk rock names? What's yours? Cullen gives us an update on his comic happenings. Last but certainly not least. Cindy walks us through this episodes News of The Weird !

I Pads Are For Porn

What Did You Watch This Week

Hi all, and welcome back!  This week we're light on shows, but big on discussions, including a spoiler-filled look at Captain Marvel (but don't worry, we kept that to the end of the episode so you can avoid the spoilers if you want to!)

Now That's A Birthday!

The Bat-Pod

Sorry for the delay but it's definitely worth the wait because in this installment of The Bat-Pod Bill and Joey discuss Batman #65, Nightwing #57, And Detective Comics #999,Topic of the week (what would you like to see in a live action feature?)  Does Bill stump Joey with his Bat-Vehicles Trivia in this weeks Stump The Co-Host segment? No Character Spotlight this week due to scheduling issues but it's recorded and will be saved for next episode instead we have a great special guest DJ from The Bright Side Chat Podcast Joey and DJ talk about DCeased , Superman Year One, and they have a great discussion about their humble beginnings. If you didn't bring Batman a Bday gift Like,Share, and Subscribe and i'm sure that should be fine.

Memory Lane

2BT: All In Da Family

Adam is back!  So he and Dave are going to take a little stroll down memory lane!  What do they remember?  I don't remember! Listen and find out!  Enjoy the show! 

Who Is Going To Indy Mania 2019!

The Wrestling Insomniac

Episode 137 Mike talks about going to New York in a couple weeks for WrestleCon, his second trip to Madison Square Garden, and everything else he and his friends are doing WrestleMania week.

Comic Talk Headlines For March 17, 2019

Comic Talk Today

It's Sunday and time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Dustin, aka, Generally Nerdy! Catch up on everything that's happening in the world of comic books, movies and TV on Tuesdays and Fridays and be sure to subscribe to get fresh daily content. 

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