Indie Alley: That's Quite Refreshing

Indie Alley

Comics are truly back on this episode of Indie Alley.  We chat about our first batch of new stuff in a while. Butcher in Paris, Dead Day, Disaster Inc., and Andrew Finally finds a copy of Bang.

At 30:55 - Joey joins us for this week's wrestling. We are excited about the return of NJPW. NWA's Carnyland, MLW's Pulp Fusion, The Impact Women's Division, NXT, and our Weekly Takes on AEW.

Comic Talk Headlines For May 26, 2020 | So Much Star Wars, So Little Time!

Comic Talk Today

 Time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Generally Nerdy! !  American Horror story and its spin off are both postponed a year. The Golden Globes change for Disney+. Movie theaters in July. Female Boba Fett...  All that AND MORE!! Catch up on all the nerdy headlines in TV and Movies, Tuesdays and Fridays. Plus, don't forget to subscribe for more fresh content.   

Mark Has Poison Ivy

Comic Book Legion

While Mark is away for the week due to Poison Ivy, let's take a walk down memory lane in Marvel's Events and some DC New 52

Week 21 Of 2020: The Matrix 4 K

Bright Side Home Theater

🍿Spoiler free Home Theater talk for the first 28 minutes where DJ talks about the Matrix in 4K after questions and comments from Twitter and Emails.  Topics including HBO Max, DTS-X vs Atmos and thoughts about IMAX Enhanced discs are among the Home Theater fun for this week.  Then DJ goes over some of his favorite scenes from The Matrix in 4K and Dolby Atmos.  

Burger Santa

Missouri Swagger

In this episode the guys swap stories with Jason Latour, and we learn the legend of "Maggot Gloves". All this and more on this episode of Missouri Swagger.

The All New, All Different Meatcast

Nerdy Legion

Nick and Martin are back after taking a week off and the main topic of discussion? Why pork rinds of course. Join the dynamic duo as they dive into beef jerky treats, pork fat treats, Nick's journey into Crisis, Martin's adventures in electrocution, a little TV and movie talk, a little philosophizing, and a whole lot of laughs. Thanks for listening!

The Week In Comics: Hbo Max Rant!

The Bright Side Comics Chat

🎒This week starts off with John and DJ making a public apology to one of our long time listeners Dr Joe.  After that they go on a full on rant about HBOMax, hence the title...   But fear not, there is plenty of Bright Side Content for you.  Lots of good news and  speculation not the least of which is the bountiful speculators cornucopia that is the Snyder cut. Its the gift that will probably just keep on giving.  Plus there are plenty of books to talk about as it seems we are getting closer and closer to a normal show.   

Fade To Frequency

Nerds From The Underground

Brand new episode with an exciting new co-host @chazsimons joins the show as @poetheir33 & Chaz dive deep into 2 amazing books first up is Global Frequency written by god himself Warren Ellis & drawn by a slew of just amazing talent! Then the boys go undercover talking Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips immortal masterpiece The Fadeout! This episode is fire & hey even Takashi Miike gets a shout out in it! XD

Killers Of The Flower Moon

2BT: All In Da Family

Dave and Michael discuss David Gann's book Killers of the Flower Moon, Mongols, Comanches, injustices against Native Americans, the Dresden Files and a lot more!

Comic Talk Headlines For May 26, 2020 | Bat Ffleck Disney+ Series???

Comic Talk Today

 Time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Generally Nerdy! ! Fear the Walking Dead might be served piecemeal this season unless Georgia can legitimately get its production economy up and running again. Swamp Thing crossover in the Arrowverse? Ben Affleck's Batman getting his own Disney+ series? More rumors around the Ayer Cut and the Snyder Cut.  All that AND MORE!! Catch up on all the nerdy headlines in TV and Movies, Tuesdays and Fridays. Plus, don't forget to subscribe for more fresh content.  

We're Going Cathy Bates In Misery All Over Again!

What Did You Watch This Week

This week John and Mike are both feeling the angst of social distancing, and on top of that they find themselves pretty put off by a number of rather lackluster episodes of what are normally great shows, but they still manage to find some good amidst the garbage.  This includes Mike's hard selling of Den of Thieves and John's glowing praise for the animated Harley Quinn show!  All this and plenty more!

Issue #84: Superman The Movie (1978)

The Bright Side Comics Chat

🎒This week John and DJ go way back to 1978 and talk about Superman The Movie.  John of course has his issues with parts of the story and DJ tries to explain but its tough, John is very persistent that a comic book movie be scientifically accurate.  They also talk about how this ranks as an origin story, Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent and Superman, Gene Hackman's  Lex Luthor and how much fun it was to be a kid and see this in the 70"s and 80's.   

Episode 148: Dominic From D Elenas Trading Cards

The Wrestling Insomniac

This week fellow wrestling fan and trading card creator Dominic from DElenas Trading cards is on the show talk about his wrestling fandom and how he got into making custom trading cards.  I can say first hand that he does a great job.   You can find him on Instagram user name delenas_tradingcards (delenas (underscore) tradingcards)

Ep #45 Judge, Jury And Batman

The Bat-Pod

Bill and Jay discuss Batman #457, Batman/Judge Dredd Judgement on Gotham and reveal their top 3 worst love interests of Batman.

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