If It Feels Good Out, Leave It Out

Nick and Martin return to the comfy couch for a thrilling episode that goes places! First up, a little discussion about Gail Simone taking over the Catalyst Prime universe and what could have been. Then, we dive into the recent Robert Kirkman book, Die!Die!Die! and how different creators attempt new marketing strategies. Finally, we go deep into a fantastic food discussion on the greatest Lay's chips flavors as we discuss the upcoming Taste Of America flavors. Grab a bag of Doritos, 'cause this one's gonna make you hungry!

We Came In Contact With The Black Sarcophagus (And Now We Love Marvel Again)

Aaron Bell from the Absolute DC podcast joins Marvel today about their newfound love for Marvel Comics. After years, nay decades, both Martin and Aaron are heavily reading Marvel again and we're confused! What is Marvel doing now that's different and has us excited for the line again? Could it have something to do with an ancient Egyptian curse? Listen in and find out!

What's With All The Yankees Caps?

The Aftershock Central Podcast goes full Voltron as everyone returns to the show for a jam-packed show full of San Diego Comic Con news, books reviews, and overall shenanigans. Join Ronnie, Martin and Travis as they discuss the TV show announcements for both The Normals and Lost City Explorers, the recently announced Last Space Race and The Dead Kings titles, and of course, the boys dive deep into Lost City Explorers #2 and Clankillers #1. 

The Balancing Act With Cullen Bunn

Every Thursday on Comic Talk Today, Martin brings on a guest in a little series he likes to call Therapy Thursday, and on this week's installment, Martin is joined by prolific writer, Cullen Bunn, who is currently working on X-Men Blue and Deadpool: Assassin for Marvel, Brothers Dracul and Dark Ark for After, Shadow Roads for Oni Press, Bone Parish coming next week from Boom! Studios and so much more. The duo discuss Bunn's writing process, time management, the importance of marketing yourself, their shared love of horror, and why Emma Frost is the greatest mutant of all time (well maybe)! 

Crazy Theory Time

On this week's episode Ronnie (@Ronbar316) surprises Aaron (@AaronSBell) with a theory so insane, it just might not be insane.  They also cover everything from the Birds of Prey movie news to the upcoming Injustice/He-Man crossover.  The two go over why this issue of Sideways is the best yet, how Plastic Man continues to exceed expectations, how the first issue of Superman stacks up to the Man of Steel series that leads into it, and if Detective Comics keeps being awesome.  They wrap the show up debating whether or not it makes sense that characters in comics play with toys or wear shirts of the actual super heroes in their universe and how to pronounce Martian Manhunter's name correctly.

You can get in touch with the show directly @DC_Absolute

NJPW G1 Climax, Extreme Rules, Death Match Wrestling

This week Mike talks a whole lot about New Japan Pro Wrestling.  Their show at the Cow Palace, upcoming U.S. dates, and the 28th G1 Climax so far.  Also the recent WWE Smackdown Live house show he attended, Extreme Rules, and he compares CZW's King of the Death Match 17 and Resistance/Girl Fight Death Becomes Her deathmatch tournaments. 

Birds Of Prey Revealed, Marvel Launches New What If Books And More!

It's Tuesday which means it's time for the news on Comic Talk Today! On this episode, Martin discusses newly revealed details about which characters will join the Birds of Prey film being produced by Margot Robbie and why it has him so excited. Next, a brief discussion about G. Willow Wilson and Cary Nord taking over Wonder Woman, DC's new batch of Hanna Barbera crossover one-shots announced, Spencer and Locke 2 gets a release date and finally, Marvel relaunches the What If line and Martin can't wait! Plus, get some new book recommendations for tomorrow's new comic book day in a new installment of the Comic Predictor!

Top Of The Pile For July 16, 2018

It's a new week and a new installment of Top of the Pile on Comic Talk Today. This week, Martin dives deep into some of his favorite reads from last week including Die!Die!Die! #1, The Amazing Spiderman #1, X-23 #1, Relay #1, She Could Fly #1, Superman #1, Hawkman #2, Farmhand #1, and Twelve Devils Dancing #1. Which book will top the list and which one will have Martin scratching his head? Listen in and find out!

July Previews Catalog

Dennis and Jay discuss the July Previews for comics releasing in September.  Some fascinating books are coming this fall.  Join the guys and get your order lists ready!

2BT Goes Too Deep

This week we discuss Oklahoma, Texas , Shakespeare, Star Wars (again), Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Pierce Brown's The Red Rising series, Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files, the Vietnam War, history, and much more.  And...we get a little deep on some topics we normally avoid.  So...apologies...get over yourself!

Find Donaldson

Martin and Travis return with another episode of the Aftershock Central Podcast and boy do we have a great discussion this week. Of course, we kick things off talking about the recently announced book, The Lollipop Kids, by Adam Glass and Diego Yapur before diving deep into Betrothed #5 and the eagerly anticipated Relay #1. 

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