Comic Talk Today

Martin's battling a supervillainous cold so no new episode today, but he wanted to put out some words from Stan Lee today, a day after his passing at the age of 95. This is not a sad tribute of a man who shaped comics for many decades, but a call to action to make comics a better and more inclusive place for everyone. Thanks for listening. Excelsior!

Thanks Martin

2BT: All In Da Family

This week feeds off of a topic from last week.  Martin, of Comic Talk Today and Nerdy Legion, was kind enough to recommend some listening recommendations and that inspired an insane week of obsessiveness for Dave and Michael as they traveled back in time with Joe Rogan, Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch, Randall Carlson, and John Anthony West.  Plus we enjoy Mexican-Asian fusion and The Girl In The Spider Web.

Horny Toads

Tequila Cast

Jeramey and Cullen are back with another episode with 2 more shots of Tequila! Pull up a stool or chair and lets do some shots.... only if you are at home and not driving of course.

Insert Creative Podcast Title Here

What Did You Watch This Week

This week the boys play catch up on some of the CW shows that were missed the week before, dig into the birth of 2 new members of the Cloud 9 family, skitter around the latest arachnid-themed adventures of The Doctor, and talk about a powerful end to an average episode of New Amsterdam.  All this plus some news, some trailers and some other fun and random discussions.

Wax On, Wax Off

Nerdy Legion

On this episode of the Nerdy Legion, Nick and Martin get extra pretentious about sausage, Martin hates sweets but loves a good pumpkin pie, Nick is gonna turn into an omelet, the boys dive into minimalism and then get a little esoteric. PLUS, there wouldn't be a Nerdy Legion episode without some comic talk so Nick and Martin talk about the current Punisher run, why Immortal Hulk is the best Marvel book out, what's on their to-read list and so much more on an oversized episode of the show!

Kickstarter Corner For November 2018

Comic Talk Today

Aaron Bell and Ronnie Barron from the Absolute DC Podcast join Martin once again for another episode of Kickstarter corner! The boys kick off with a discussion of whether established publishers should be kickstarting books in response to a book Martin found on the site then dive deep into some fantastic Kickstarter comic book projects you should consider giving a shot. God knows we bought all of them. 

All This Has Happened Before, All This Will Happen Again

Comic Talk Today

It's time for rant episode of Comic Talk Today as Martin discusses the recent news that Dark Horse Comics has received a large investment from Chinese investment firm Vanguard Visionary Assets to expand their line internationally and into film and TV. Is this a good move for Dark Horse or does the deal look awfully similar to one another company made in the past few years that may have negatively impacted their publishing line? Tune in and find out. 

Turn Down For What

Aftershock Central Podcast

The boys are back at it again to discuss all things Aftershock. In this episode, Ronnie, Travis and Martin kick off chatting about Phil Hester's new book, Stronghold, before diving head first into some in-depth analysis on the latest batch of books including Moth and Whisper #3, Volition #3, and Animosity #17. Will one title rise to the top or will we have a trifecta of perfect scores? Tune in and find out!

Absolute Ranger Rick

Absolute DC Podcast

On this week's episode, Ronnie (@Ronbar316) asks Aaron (@AaronSBell) about his favorite super hero movie.  They get into a discussion about the old Superman films, and it branches off into talking the old Batman '66.  Of course with a new episode of Titans, they get into the Doom Patrol, before moving on to some comic talk.  The recent DC/Hanna Barbera crossovers are covered in depth, as well as a little bit of Heroes in Crisis issue 2.

A Marvelous Extravaganza

Paul And Michael Occasionally Save The World

Dennis and Ed join Paul this week to dig deep into their X-Men and Marvel fixations!

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