Wetzletics & Fancy Hankies

Nerdy Legion

While Martino is away on his Journey of Enlightenment, Nick takes the helm of the ship. His co-pilot is Craig Gunderson
AKA Friend of the Show "Gundy". Nick comes up with two new business ideas and Gundy discovers Nick's a fancy lad with matching hankies for every outfit. Also, this episode is chalk full of comic talk and the standard shenanigans.
This episode of the Nerdy Legion podcast is sponsored by Greyburger "They are that color on purpose". Visit them on the web at www.greyburger.space

Switch Lite Bonus

2BT: All In Da Family

Adam takes the reins of 2BT once again and talks about the Nintendo Switch Lite.  So strap in and get ready for the awesomeness that only Adam can bring 

A Quadruple Agent Is Just Lunacy!

What Did You Watch This Week

Hi loyal readers, and welcome to the baker's dozenth baker's dozen episode of the podcast that asks how long someone can talk before they start to get light-headed!  This week we go deeeeep into Star Trek Discovery, and also dip into Stranger Things 3 and Spider-Man Far From home!  Lots of spoilers, so listen at your own peril!! 

Mycologically Speaking

Nerdy Legion

Nick and Martin return for one more episode to discuss ALL the things! Martin goes mushroom picking, then saves a turtle, why can't Nick have a goat, Martin would have been a YouTube star twenty years ago, Nick wants to have a luau, our new recurring segment, "God people are dumb" where we talk about a horse lady (what!?) and so much more! Thanks for listening!

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

The Bunngalow

Cindy and Cullen are back! Will listeners be back? Will there be crickets? What's the top 5 TV theme songs? What's happening in Cullen's Comic Corner? What made the list for Cindy's Wall of the Weird this episode?

Vader Reborn

2BT: All In Da Family

Dave finds some loot!! Vader LIVES!!! and Red Rising is just as amazing the second time around as the first 

A Twist Within A Twist Within A... Ok, Enough Already!

What Did You Watch This Week

Another light Summer week, but the guys still have some stuff to talk about, including John's initial thoughts on The Man in the High Castle, and a deep dive in the Netflix movie "The Perfection which was.. well... it was something!  Come listen to us break it down!

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