Talk'n Bout Turtle Soup

Shell Shock

In this episode Paul and Joey talk about TMNT Urban Legends #1, TMNT Macro-Series #2 Michelangelo, Secret Of The Segment (Top 3 Fav TMNT Villains), It's Joey's turn to Stump Paul in TMNT Trivia, A Mystery Character Spotlight (Fugitoid). 

Damn Devil Dong

Aftershock Central Podcast

Ronnie, Martin and Travis return with an all new episode to discuss the latest in the world of Aftershock Comics! First up, the boys discuss the latest book announcement from Zac Thompson, The Replacer, before diving into this week's books, Dark Ark #13, A Walk Through Hell #7, and Babyteeth #14. Will the boys be in agreement with their ratings? Will some of the themes in these books cause the boys to lose their cool? Tune in and find out, though the answer is probably no.

Ric Scarecrow, D.D.S.

Absolute DC Podcast

On this week's episode, Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) talk a bit about DC being on comixology and other amazon digital services. They also try to figure out if the Reign of the Supermen animated movie was out on the DC Universe app yet, or if the same day releases haven't happened yet.  Then they move onto some comics, talking the new Young Justice series, Martian Manhunter, The Green Lantern and Nightwing.

You can tweet the show directly @DC_Absolute or email the show

Season 2 : Endings

Missouri Swagger

Dennis and Cullen are back to start Season 2 of Missouri Swagger with a bang! Well... technically, with and end. The two talk about writing endings of their long listing series or of series in general. Let the Frenemies games begin! Does Dennis talk about his hair? Does Cullen talk about his lack there of? Tune in to find out loyal listeners !

7 Is Not A Rating

Nerdy Legion

Nick and Martin return for an all new episode of Nerdy Legion and it's a long one! The boys kick off discussing the evolution of the podcast over the past 170+ episodes, Nick wraps up Age of Apocalypse, Martin wraps everything in bacon, the epic saga of installing a bathroom faucet, getting tricked into shopping at Walmart, top 5 comic publishers (and maybe why), and the boys dive into Martin's keto journey and why McDonald's nearly ruined his day. 

Let's Talk About Collecting Comics With Djuan Hammonds

Comic Talk Today

D'Juan Hammonds from the Collecting Valiant podcast joins Martin on a very special episode of Comic Talk Today to discuss collecting comic books! In this episode, the boys talk about some of their recent pickups, how they go about determine what books they want to collect and how you can find that same passion, the Valiant glass cover variants, the upside of using Mylites and plastic short boxes to store your books, getting over buyer's remorse, looking at trends before deciding to buy that holy grail, will digital comics make print collecting more valuable in the end and so much more!

Comic Talk Headlines For January 15, 2019

Comic Talk Today

It's Tuesday and time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Dustin, aka, Generally Nerdy! Catch up on everything that's happening in the world of comic books, movies and TV on Tuesdays and Fridays and be sure to subscribe to get fresh daily content. 

BONUS: Bunnga Bonus

The Bunngalow

In this short and sweet bonus episode. Cullen is helping Cindy write the sound effects for a script she's working on. Sounds simple enough right? You forget... it's the Bunn's !

Top Of The Pile For January 14, 2019

Comic Talk Today

It's Monday which can only mean it's time for Top Of The Pile, the episode of the week in which Martin talks about some of his favorite books from last new comic book day. Which books will make the top of the list and which one will reign supreme as pick of the week? Tune in and find out!

Porn Addiction Is A Thing Now

What Did You Watch This Week

This week the guys dive into the second episode of this season of The Orville, and each have a differing view on what this means for the series going forward.  Your hosts also watched a couple of bizarre (and highly acclaimed) movies in the form of Sorry to Bother You and Hereditary,  and have some very strong feelings about them as well (especially the latter.)  And finally, John and Mike talk about the hot button Netflix movie, Bandersnatch.

Trial By Fire

Aftershock Central Podcast

After a short hiatus of a couple of weeks, Aftershock Central is back to dive into the latest books from Aftershock Comics. Ronnie may be away this episode but Martin and Travis hold down the fort and discuss two series finales in Patience! Conviction! Revenge! #5 and Moth and Whisper #5 before diving into last week's emotional entry, Animosity #18. Thanks for listening!

Comic Talk Headlines For January 11, 2019

Comic Talk Today

The world of comics is always on the move so here's your Comic Talk Headlines for the end of the week. Be sure to follow Dustin's YouTube channel, Generally Nerdy and don't forget to subscribe to the show for more daily content. 

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