The Hot Ronnie

Nerdy Legion

Nick and Martin return and begin preparing you for the Christmas season as Martin introduces Nick to his latest drink creation, The Hot Ronnie. Also in this episode, Christmas gift giving traditions, what the hell is hydro-dipping, nearly 40 Martin wonders how things could have been different, Nick gets sentimental, plus the boys go down some comic reading rabbit holes and decide they both need to reread Age of Apocalypse and more! 

The Endgame Is A Morsel Of Comic Book Goodness

Comic Talk Today

Martin returns with an all new episode of Comic Talk Today and this time, it's time to discuss the news. On this episode, Martin discusses some changes over at Valiant Entertainment, and a newly announced Marvel title that has him very excited before diving into the meat of the show. First up, what the Avengers: Endgame trailer says about the plot of the film and the possible future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, why Crisis On Infinite Earths being next year's CW Arrowverse crossover is fantastic news, and what is TKO Studios and what have they done to have Martin devote 15 minutes of the episode to their publishing strategy? Tune in and find out!

Knock Knock... You're About To Get A New Podcast! Shell Shock Episode 0!

Paul And Michael Occasionally Save The World

Behold, the birth of a new podcast, in all its glory!  Brought to you by one half of the Save the World team and one half of the Bat-Pod, you're about to get Shell Shock!  TMNT podcasting at its Nerdy Legioniest!

Welcome To The Bunngalow

The Bunngalow

Join Cullen and Cindy Bunn on their new podcasting adventure as they discuss what the show is about and what is to come in future episodes. Is it easy living with a comic book writer when you don't like comic books? Welcome to the Bunngalow!

Top Of The Pile For December 11, 2018

Comic Talk Today

It's time for another installment of Top Of The Pile on Comic Talk Today as Martin discusses some of his favorite books from last week's new comic book day. In this episode, Martin dives deep into Self/Made #1, Batman #60, The Freeze #1, Winter Soldier #1, Shazam! #1 and Doomsday Clock #8. Plus stay tuned to the end for some recommendations on books coming on December 12!

Daredevil Is Cancelled...Let's Talk About That

Comic Talk Today

As you will no doubt have heard by now, Netflix recently cancelled Daredevil, not long after having announced the cancellation of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Were the shows underperforming? Did people just not care to watch the shows anymore? Is there something else going on here? Tune in and listen as Martin goes through a brief history of these Marvel TV deals and why the writing has always been on the wall on the latest episode of Comic Talk Today. 

Sick Brain

2BT: All In Da Family

Despite the Earth's attempts to silence them by means of biological attacks, our heroes have revived and crawled back from the brink of defeat to do what they always do: talk about the things they love.  

A Fleet Of Guests

Tequila Cast

Welcome back!  Jeramey Henson (@jeramey_henson) and Cullen Bunn (@cullenbunn) have a fleet of guests join them on this episode. After a game of Betrayal At House On Hill, the guys are joined by Josh Roberts, Kevin Watkins and some more to tell some stories as well as do a shot! So get those Sixth Gun shot glasses ready!! 

The Worst Prison Escape Is One Where You Break In...

What Did You Watch This Week

This week the guys run down some of the "best" the CW has to offer (including the most ridiculous and poorly written prison escape/not escape in the history of TV.)  there are also some rousing discussions about the prior two episodes of This is Us (including how Miguel is one of the most likable characters on the show, surprisingly) and of course, we dive deep into Doctor Who!

Sweet Sweet 16

Missouri Swagger

Dennis and Cullen are back! The guys take some speed round Q & A from fans who tweeted. Then the guys get caught up by chatting some.

Bonus: Heroes In Crisis #3

The Bat-Pod

In this bonus episode Joey speaks with Ronnie(Absolute DC) on HIC#3. They delve into whether Sanctuary is actually helping, they compare Sanctuary therapy and actual therapy so hang out with the guys while they talk a lil Heroes In Crisis #3

The Art Of War

Aftershock Central Podcast

Join Ronnie, Martin and Travis as they discuss the latest books from Aftershock Comics including Her Infernal Descent #5, Clankillers #5, Moth and Whisper #4, and Dark Ark #12. Which book will rise to the top of the list? Tune in and find out!

Disco Nightwing?

Absolute DC Podcast

On this week's episode Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) dive deep into the topics that matter - does Batman work out to Depeche Mode?  Is Wonder Woman into The Wallflowers?  How many Allman Brothers concerts has Superman been to?  They also cover the second issue of The Green Lantern and the premiere of Martian Manhunter.  Aaron gets excited about his early Aquaman tickets, and how he's going to spoil the movie from the theater for Ronnie.  How long are the credits in the extended Lord of the Rings movies?  The full title of the upcoming Birds of Prey movie is revealed.  They wrap things up with some Titans talk, as per usual.

You can get in touch withthe show directly on twitter @DC_Absolute or email

Daredevil Farewell & Comics Review

Ultimate Marvel Podcast

It's time for an all new episode of the Ultimate Marvel Podcast, featuring Ronnie Barron and Jack Sutherland. In this episode the guys discuss the new Captain Marvel trailer, the controversial cancellation of the hit Marvel /Netflix TV show Daredevil, and they review their most notable Marvel comics for the past couple weeks.

Dynamite Kid Tom Billington

The Wrestling Insomniac

Sadly the Dynamite Kid Tom Billington passed away and this episode Mike talks about one his all time favorites.  A man that was light years ahead of his time in the ring.  Mike also talks about the recent Limitless Wrestling show he attended.  This weeks themes is Dynamite's entrance music from All Japan Pro Wrestling

It's About The Flavoring, Not The Meat

Nerdy Legion

Nick and Martin dive into some new topics this week as the boys do their first real legionnaire Q&A! In this episode, Martin's on his way to becoming a cricket farmer, crazy slow cooker meals, stupid things we have to buy when we see them, the joy of Saturday morning cartoons, when will the boys wear matching elf onesies, favorite fast food items ranked, Thanksgiving dinner stories, and so much more on the award winning Nerdy Legion podcast!

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