The Renegade Imperative

Released Mar 01, 2017

Welcome back to VCP, the Valiant Central Podcast, your weekly source for Valiant Entertainment discussion. This week, Paul and Martin have lots to discuss, starting off with an unprecedented initiative by Valiant to support retails in selling through their orders of <em>X-O Manowar #1</em>, due out March 22. The boys talk about some of the retailer incentives, promotional material, and some behind the scenes info on the initiative. Then, Martin and Paul dive deep into the recent rumblings from the Valiant fan community about Harbinger: Renegade and go in-depth into why the book is definitely worth a read and not something to be taken lightly. All this plus sales discussions, Emerald City Comic Con, and the announcement of a new Valiant podcast aimed at collectors!

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