Ep #12 Smokey And The Bat Pod

Dec 21, 2018    01:24:12

The Bat Pod

In this Episode Bill and Joey discuss  Batman #60 , Batman Beyond #26, Detective #993, Topic Of The Week (Top 3 Jokers), Stump The Co-Host (Weird Things), Due to scheduling issues there's no Character Spotlight but Joey and his Wife Elizabeth bring you a Mini-Topic ( Over Sexualization Of Women In Comics) Stay tuned pop those headphones on and enjoy this episode. Have a Merry Christmas , and a Happy New Year!!

Intro (0:00)
Batman #60 (4:17)
Topic Of The Week (Top 3 Jokers) (17:50)
Batman Beyond #26 (32:51)
Stump The Co-Host (43:34)
Detective #993 (49:47)
Mini-Topic (Over Sexualization Of Women In Comics)(55:51)
Last Comments (Thomas Wayne) (1:14:07)
Bat-Phone-Twitter Promo (1:17:11)
Closing (1:18:13)

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