Ep #15 Sharks, Piranha, The Bat Pod Oh My!

Feb 11, 2019    01:46:30

The Bat Pod

In this installment of The Bat-Pod Bill and Joey discuss Batman #63, The Batman Who Laughs #2, Detective #997, Bob From A Gal Walks Into a Comic Shop joins The Dynamic Duo for the Topic Of The Week (Top 3 Batman Allies), This weeks  Character Spotlight is James Gordon Jr, Batman Deduces that someone is trying to sabotage The Bat-Pod, The Eraser visits Catwoman in jail  and explains his Master plan, Will The Eraser's Master plan Bring down The Bat-Pod? Will The Worlds Greatest Detective Discover Mr Fiasco's Master Plan? Stay tuned for the next episode of The Bat-Pod, same Bat-Pod time same Bat-Pod channel!

Opening (0:00)
Batman deduces an Evil plan (1:33)
Batman #63 (2:32)
Eraser's Master Plan (14:57)
Topic Of The Week (top 3 allies) (17:56)
The Batman Who Laughs #2 (54:26)
Stump The Co-host (1:03:56)
Detective 997 (1:15:19)
Character Spotlight ( James Gordon Jr.) (1:26:19)
Closing (1:37:20)

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