Ep #17 Now That's A Birthday!

Mar 19, 2019    01:32:19

The Bat Pod

Sorry for the delay but it's definitely worth the wait because in this installment of The Bat-Pod Bill and Joey discuss Batman #65, Nightwing #57, And Detective Comics #999,Topic of the week (what would you like to see in a live action feature?)  Does Bill stump Joey with his Bat-Vehicles Trivia in this weeks Stump The Co-Host segment? No Character Spotlight this week due to scheduling issues but it's recorded and will be saved for next episode instead we have a great special guest DJ from The Bright Side Chat Podcast Joey and DJ talk about DCeased , Superman Year One, and they have a great discussion about their humble beginnings. If you didn't bring Batman a Bday gift Like,Share, and Subscribe and i'm sure that should be fine.

opening (0:00)
Batman #65 (2:02)
Topic Of the Week (18:34)
Nightwing #57 (26:34)
Stump The Co-Host (33:58)
Longbox Crusade Promo (39:59)
Detective Comics#999 (42:11)
Special Guest DJ Of The Bright Side Chat Podcast (52:03)
Closing (1:20:39)

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