Ep #5 Holy Excessive Amount Of Ninjas Batman!!

Oct 18, 2018    01:38:22

The Bat Pod

Bill & Joey discuss Batman #56, Detective #989 and Nightwing #50, Topic of the Week, I am Gotham, Stump the Co-host and Character Spotlight. Bill and Joey are joined by Martin Ferretti from the Nerdy Legion Podcast Network and Nate Campbell.

  • (00:00) Intro
  • (02:04) Batman #56
  • (19:00) Topic of the week- Top 3 Batman animated appearances with Nate Campbell
  • (40:42) Promo
  • (41:18) I am Gotham: Detective #27
  • (56:00) Nightwing #50
  • (1:08:50) Stump the Co-host
  • (1:14:05) Detective #989
  • (1:22:23) Character Spotlight: Victor Zsasz
  • (1:32:21)Closing

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