Comic Book Industry Predictions For 2019

Dec 28, 2018    00:15:46

Comic Talk Today

While everyone is busy doing 2018 recaps, let's take a look at the future and see what 2019 might have in store. This is the 2019 predictions episode for Comic Talk Today. As always, chime in on Twitter @geekvine, or email with your thoughts and predictions. 

The Predictions
1. DC will shutter it's Black Label line of books as internal turmoil between different Warner Bros divisions lead to book cancellations and changes that will directly affect the sales numbers for the line
2. Avengers: Endgame will reveal that the MCU has really been the movie version of the Ultimate universe all along.
3. A new publisher will emerge in 2019 that will actually succeed in being a fully modern publishing company by finding a way to successfully market itself as a true multimedia company with a heavy emphasis on digital and finding a way to break into comic book stores piggybacking on this success. 
4. Disney will purchase IDW or another publisher with a large number of licensed properties in order to fast-track relationships to bring more properties under their tv and film studios.
5. Marvel and DC will begin aggressively pursuing creative teams to sign long term contracts with more creative freedom in order to create larger and more character centric stories to push the limits of what their books can do and effectively effect major changes in how these universe work. 
6. Following in the footsteps of other creators like Mark Millar and Brian K Vaughn, at least one mainly indie creator will receive a major development deal to bring their set of characters to tv and film. Additional points for Jeff Lemire. 
7. There will be at least one breakout artist in comics that imitates the art style of Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse coming to one big two book.
8. DCwill continue to split its continuity with the introduction of Bendis' Wonder Comics, Johns' Doomsday Clock and King's Heroes in Crisis. 
9. Milestone will still not have relaunched in 2019. 
10. Amidst pressure from the likes of DC Universe and Marvel Unlimited, several indie publishers will band together to create a new all you can read service to compete in the digital market with all #1 issues being put out day of release 

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