Comic Talk Headlines For January 11, 2019

Jan 11, 2019    00:31:12

Comic Talk Today

The world of comics is always on the move so here's your Comic Talk Headlines for the end of the week. Be sure to follow Dustin's YouTube channel, Generally Nerdy and don't forget to subscribe to the show for more daily content. 

In this episode:
-Hanna is getting a relaunch?
-Lauren Sai joins season 3 of Legion
-Spock deals with his human side
-Shazam! villain to be 7 Deadly Sins of Man? And we'll be seeing the entire Marvel family in the film?
-There may or may not (definitely) be a Silver Surfer adaptation.
-Kevin Conroy returning as Batman...oh, and Superman: Red Son is getting the animated treatment.
-As successful as Aquaman has been at the box office, is Warner Bros. unsure of the franchise' future success?

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