Comic Talk Headlines For May 22, 2019

May 22, 2019    00:15:23

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There is so much news on the TV and movie front for this episode that let's just get on with always, here are your notes for this episode.


Stranger Things 3: Netflix gave us a 2 minute clip from the forthcoming season. No glimpses at monsters like in those Netflix ads that have been popping up recently, just a little world building.

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: Deadline is reporting that the official release date to the ever strange prequel to the very dark children’s movie will be August 30th. They also have some images to show off the awesome practical effects in the show.

Black Mirror: Netflix has ALSO given us individual trailers for each episode of season 5. At least one of them seems to showcase a rare attempt to inject comedy into the series.

Westworld 3: Now that GoT is over (BTW HBO new rule… no more drinks on set, yeah?), whatever will you do with your HBO subscription? Worry not! They have given us the trailer for season 3 of Westworld, and it looks like this season is going to feel very different from the previous 2.

Falcon and Winter Soldier: The series has picked up a director (Kari Skogland), and is rumored to be including the fact that Cap gave the Falson his shield at the end of Endgame. Is also going to include Daniel Bruhl, who played Zemo in Civil War.

Ghostbusters: Not only are we getting the sequel we have been waiting for since the 80s next year, but Dan Aykroyd is also teasing a potential prequel series. In an interview with 660 City News he said that he has written a script for the pilot and hopes to get it off the ground within the next 5 years, with the help of director Jason Reitman.


Mortal Kombat: March 5, 2021

John Wick 4: According to Coming Soon, not only is the 4th John Wick movie a go, it also has a release date. May 21, 2021

Terminator: Dark Fate: Arnold Schwarzennegger took to twitter to tease the first official trailer for the movie is expected this Thursday.

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