Comic Talk Headlines For May 28, 2019

May 28, 2019    00:29:27

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Here are your notes and references for this episode of the headlines.

WandaVision: The Scarlet Witch and Vision series, now being called WandaVision, on Disney+ is rumored to be exploring Wanda’s reality altering powers.

Titans: Nightwing in Season 2. AND Judas Contract?

Jessica Jones: The final piece of Marvel property just got its official release date. June 14.

Spider Man 3: Rumor hats on! There are rumors floating around that Sony is eyeing either Deadpool or Venom (of the Tom Hardy flavor even) for the follow up to Far From Home!!

Other Marvel Rumors: Marvel is ALSO apparently considering David Morrisey for some roles in the forthcoming phase 4. AND they are rumored to be giving us Moondragon, Lylla, and the High Evolutionary in Guardians 3, along with Clea and Brother VooDoo in Dr. Strange 2. PLUS there are rumors about a Black Knight movie as well as a Thunderbolts movie.

Black Widow: David Harbour is joining the MCU. The actor said as much ad MCM in London this passed weekend. Exactly how he is doing so and who he will be playing has yet to be officially announced. During his panel at MCM he said "this thing is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe." In correlation to being in the new Black Widow movie.

A Quiet Place 2: With the shuffle happening at Paramount Pictures due to the Sonic “fix,” the sequel to John Krasinski’s incredible horror movie is moving from May 15, 2020 to March 20, 2020.

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