Comic Talk Headlines For June 6, 2019

Jun 06, 2019    00:17:43

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Boy is there tons to discuss! Here are your notes for the latest episode of the headlines!

Magic: The Gathering: Netflix is doing an animated series with Anthony and Joe Russo (Endgame directors).

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: Netflix finally dropped the trailer… WOW!

Boondocks: According to actor John Witherspoon, the animated series will be making its return to cartoon network soon, as it is in pre-production. At least that’s what he said on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

Black Widow: According to Norwegian outlet Dagbladet, production has begun in Sæbø, Norway. AND they have pictures.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: New trailer… less anthology and more vignettes.

Snow White: Continuing Disney’s mad dash to maintain their control of their aging IPs, Variety is reporting that Snow White will be the next live action adaptation. With Amazing Spider-Man director, Marc Webb, in talks to sit in the director’s chair.

Eternals: Keanu Reeves is reportedly in talks to join Angelina Jolie in the movie.

The Suicide Squad: MORE RUMORS!! Mark Hughes from Forbes says that he has heard rumblings that Idris Elba will be playing Bronze Tiger in the James Gunn movie.

Joker: We Got This Covered is reporting that they have inside information about a link to Batman in the new Joker movie. He is Bruce’s half brother?

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