Comic Talk Headlines For July 3, 2019

Jul 03, 2019    00:24:43

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As always, here are your notes for the latest episode of the headlines!

  1. Watchmen: The official IG account posted some new teasers… curiouser and curiouser…
  2. Final Fantasy: Is Sony trying to capitalize on the hype for the FFVII remake? Variety is reporting that there is going to be a live action series based in the world of FFXIV, Eorzea.
  3. Myst: Village Roadshow has bought the rights for the 90s story driven puzzle game. Is this a thing we need?

  1. Eternals: MORE interesting casting news… Selma Hayek is now in talks to join the likes of Angelina Jolie (probably) and maybe Keanu Reeves (because why not?).
  2. Enola Holmes: The younger sister of Sherlock is going to be played by Millie Bobby Brown. Sherlock for this movie is rumored to be Henry Cavill, and their mother? Helena Bonham Carter? /
  3. Dr. Doom: Noah Hawley confirms that his Dr. Doom movie is still on the table, according to an interview with THR.
  4. Castle Freak: Horror afficianatoes will know this as one of the greatest horror movies normies have never seen. Bloody Disgusting has word that production company Full Moon is remaking the movie, and they seem to already have a full cast. No other word on the production or its release date just yet.
  5. The Batman: Andy Serkis is reported to be in talks for a role in Matt Reeves new movie. And NO, according to the rumor it ISN’T for a mocap part.

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