Comic Talk Headlines For October 1st, 2019

Oct 02, 2019    00:54:49

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Ghost Writer
Apple TV+ is rebooting the old PBS property.

Stranger Things
Netflix has officially announced season 4 of the series as well as a new overall deal with the Duffers.


Forbes claims to have word that WB is looking to cast Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Two-Face, and “a host of other villains” for The Batman (they claim). They go on to reiterate that Jonah Hill has been offered either the Penguin or Riddler, and is negotiating which would be ideal for him.

Clerks 3
With the hype for reboot at a fever pitch, Kevin Smith announces his next movie.

Rumor Mill

Spider-Man 3
Rumored plot details include Kraven (which makes sense) Chameleon, and a Fantastic 4 after credits scene featuring John Krasinski.
Other rumors suggest that this will be the ONLY new Spider-Man movie in this deal and they will use the opportunity to write Peter out of the MCU somehow. 
Though that flies in the face of still MORE rumors about how Sony wants to integrate MORE of their spider-verse properties into the MCU with them writing in references to the MCU into Venom 2 and the new Kraven movie. These rumors go on to say that Reed Richards (who according to this rumor is possibly going to be John Krasinski and Sue Storm to be played by Emily Blunt) will be Spider-Man’s new mentor and the Avenger’s Tower will become the Baxter Building.
ALSO, there are plenty of words going around about potential cameos in the movie, since the Netflix contract will be close to done, if not done already, once Spider-Man goes back up on the big screen, that has stirred rumors that we will see Daredevil and Kingpin in some form. Possibly with Matt Murdock as Peter’s lawyer dealing with the identity reveal issue.

Marvel Team-ups
Piggy-backing on the Spider-Man hype, there is word that Marvel is considering a team-ups movie series. The likes of which would put Spidey in a team up with Deadpool, or Human Torch, or potentially both.

Fantastic Four
Speaking of Krasinski and Co… rumor has it that Marvel will bring them into the MCU as having been there from the beginning, only in the 70s they disappeared into the Negative Zone and when they reemerge in present day they haven’t aged a day.

Elle Fanning?

Black Widow
William Hurt was rumored to be on set for additional photography. Possibly setting up the THUNDERBOLTS project?

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