Comic Talk Headlines For Oct. 8th They Are Doing What With Lex Luthor?

Oct 08, 2019    00:36:40

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With all the hubub around Ghost Rider getting cancelled we didn’t talk about the OTHER Marvel property that was getting a show on Hulu. They began production a few days early, and we still don’t know who will be starring in the series as Daimon and Satana Helstrom.

Walking Dead
No we aren’t talking about the satellite, we ARE talking about Lauren Cohen and her crashing the Walking Dead NYCC panel to officially announce what we all suspected was coming. Also, we will apparently be seeing her in season 10 as a guest and then in season 11 she becomes a regular again.
We also got the announcement of a season 11.

Lost in Space
Season 2 premieres December 24. 

Star Trek Picard
FINALLY gets a premiere, Jan 23 2020.

Star Trek Discovery
Season 3 NYCC trailer.
Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons
CW Seed is getting their own DC property. With Michael Chiklis voicing Slade Wilson.

Crisis On Infinite Earths
EP Marc Guggenheim confirms that they are looking at the season 11 comic as canon in their universe.


The Matrix
Zak Penn IS still working on his Matrix prequel. Matrix 4 is actually the SECOND Matrix movie in pre-production at WB.
Sam Raimi confirmed at NYCC that there IS another Evil Dead movie being worked on. It just won’t be starring Bruce Campbell. No word if it is a continuation of the 2013 movie or a reboot.

Rumor Mill

Smash Bros
Rumored DLC for the game says Nintendo will be adding 2 in-house characters, and 2 guests with the next round of DLC.
Bandana Waddle Dee, Prof. E. Gadd, Crash Bandicoot, and Rayman?!

Lex Luthor
WB is rumored to be considering a Lex Luthor movie after the success of Joker.

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