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Nov 18, 2020    01:13:14

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It's time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Generally Nerdy! Following up on the CONSTANTINE rumor. ANOTHER refutation. Johnny Depp has a future. The Island of Dr. Moreau is resurfacing. All that and MORE!! Catch up on all the nerdy headlines in TV and Movies, Tuesdays and Fridays. Plus, don't forget to subscribe for more fresh content.    



The Island of Dr. Moreau is getting a new series. It is going to be produced by Gunpowder & Sky sub-company Dust. Will be a gender flipped version of the famous story last turned into a movie with Marlon Brando in the titular role. They have brought in Zack Stenz (X-Men: first Class) as lead writer. GP&S also working on “Released” an internet version of “TRL.”

DarkWing Duck
Coming to Disney+ with Seth Rogan, Evan Goldberg and Co on board to produce. Strange that the official announcement doesn’t mention if it will tie into the Ducktales series.

Wonder Girl
Coming to the CW. This is the same version of the superhero created by Joelle Jones, Yara Flor.


Matrix 4 - Wrapped principal photography.

Rumor Mill

Constantine - Peter Stormare (Satan) is the one saying a sequel is happening. But that is ALL he is saying. 
Black Panther 2 - Victoria Alonso, producer, has refuted the rumor that Boseman will appear via a digital double.

Movie in the works. NOT tied to the CW show. Possibly headed to HBO Max.

Johnny Depp
Newest rumor is that he is in talks with Netflix for future projects.

Joker showing up to kill Jason Todd… New actor, same story?

Resident Evil
Battle Royale in the works.
RE:4 VR too!

The Batman
Matt Reeves has reportedly suggested to WB that he wants to kill Alfred in the likely trilogy.

Star Wars
Bo-Katan Kryze getting her own movie? Straight to Disney+?

Nightmare on Elm Street
1 - New movie in the works a la David Gordon Green’s Halloween.
2 - They want Englund to return as Freddy.
3 - Johnny Depp wants a cameo part.

James Cameron wants to make another one… this time he will reportedly re-tread ground already covered by McG in Salvation.

The Ridley Scott lead sequel might NOT actually be a sequel. New rumor says that the 84 year old director wants to start a new trilogy. AND that he wants to be behind the camera for all 3 movies.

Will actually be introduced into the MCU via Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Snyder Justice League
Should #2 happen, The Rock wants to be part of it.

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