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Feb 13, 2021    01:05:31

Comic Talk Today

It's time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Generally Nerdy! Making up for last Episode, the TV/STREAMING section is HUGE! Cara Dune CONTROVERSY all over the place. Lots of casting updates. Is Tom Holland lying to the fans? All that and MORE!! Catch up on all the nerdy headlines in TV and Movies, Tuesdays and Fridays. Plus, don't forget to subscribe for more fresh content. 


Are You Afraid of the Dark? - New teaser 
Walking Dead - Production begins!


The Man Who Fell to Earth
New series based on the ‘63 novel, and the movie starring David Bowie in 76, coming to Paramount+ starring Chiwetel Ejiofor. To be showran by Alex Kurtzman.

Overlook Hotel
HBO Max has given JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot the green light for the Shining series.

Animated series ALSO in the works

Announcements of a few new “adult oriented” animated series for the streamer. Velma, which will feature the voice of Mindy Kaling, also EP on the project. Clone High is being rebooted. 

Movie and series are in the works at Netflix. This is the first time that any ONE content company has had the rights to the WHOLE series. The Brian Jacques books are being adapted by Patrick McHale of Over the Garden Wall fame.



Spider-Man 3
Tom Holland shoots down rumors??

Blue Sky Studios
The animation house that gave us Ice Age is being closed by Disney. April will be the final days for the team.

Jackass 4
Bam Margera fired, and calls for a boycott of the film.

Rumor Mill

Kraven - Now there is a BIGGER source saying that Keanu has officially been offered the job. And Yet another says that Reeves has turned down the role.

Mandalorian/Cara Dune
The backlash has apparently been so great that the mouse is questioning their lopsided judgement.

Rumored to be hard at work on micro OLED screens in the development of AR glasses.

Star Wars
Rumor says Darth Talon will show up in Mando.

Silent Hill
2 games in the works? Seems that one will be developed by Sony in house, and the other will be a multi-platform release.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Jason Momoa offered the voice part of Knuckles

Mortal Kombat
WB wants a cinematic universe.

Batman TAS
First rumor pinning Kevin Conroy to the series.

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