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Twisted Metal - the Sony series has cast Anthony Mackie in the lead role of John Doe. Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Cobra Kai writer Michael Jonathan Smith are all coming in as writers and EPs. AS WELL AS Will Arnet’s production company jumping on board, Electric Avenue.
Wednesday - The Netflix Addams Family series, Wednesday has cast Gwendolyn Christie as Larissa Weems, the principal of Nevermore Academy. The Academy will apparently be the central set piece of the series.
The official Wednesday logline from Netflix:

"The series is a sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Addams' years as a student at Nevermore Academy. Wednesday's attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a monstrous killing spree that has terrorized the local town, and solve the supernatural mystery that embroiled her parents 25 years ago — all while navigating her new and very tangled relationships at Nevermore."

Professionals - Brenden Frasier and Tom Welling are doing a CW show together!! 
I Know What You Did Last Summer - First trailer. Premieres Oct 15 on Amazon
Locke & Key - Oct 22
Batwoman - Batwoman season 3 Oct 13

Flight of the Navigator
The cult classic Disney movie is being reborn on Disney+ with Bryce Dallas Howard on board to direct the series and with a new female lead.

Netflix’s Dark Horse first look deal is giving us another gem. The long running Grendel comic book is getting a live action 8 episode series on Netflix. Matt Wagner, Grendel creator, will EP with Dark Horse’s Entertainment wing, and Netflix.

 Mobile Suit Gundam
Sunrise has announced a new Mobile Suit Gundam series coming in 2022 called Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury.



Nightmare Alley - Dec 17 Bradley Cooper, Jim Deaver, Ron Perlman, Cate Blanchett, Toni Colette, Rooney Mara

Star Trek
“Multiple in the works” according to a memo sent out by FORMER CEO at Paramount, Jim Gianopulos… but what does that mean? New CEO Brian Robbins.

Rumor Mill


Marvel Zombies
Spinning from the What If…? Series the Mark Millar created story is reportedly getting a Dsney+ series unto its self.

Michael Keaton’s version of Batman is at the receiving end of a new rumor that says WB will be giving this version of Batman his own series on HBO Max… oh brother…

Word is, Will Smith wants a team-up movie with Idris Elba between their DC movie characters, Deadshot and Bloodsport respectively.

Cara Dune
Fairly unsurprising are new rumors putting Gina Carrano BACK in the Star Wars universe. Saying that the star won’t be back for season 3, but we should expect her in season 4. It gets a little specific too, saying that Disney will make an official announcement along these lines later this year

Microsoft is rumored to be in the midst of another huge buyout for the Xbox brand. One rumor goes on to speculate Eidos to be the subject of the next buyout.

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