Nerdy Lesion

Oct 26, 2018    02:09:09

Nerdy Legion

It's almost Halloween time so of course Nick and Martin are getting ready to celebrate! On this episode, Nick and Martin talk about some shows they've been watching including Gravity Falls, Curse of the Mayans (WTF?) and Underworld: Blood Wars before diving into a mostly spoiler free discussion of why the latest Halloween flick is the best in the franchise. Of course this wouldn't be a Nerdy Legion episode without shenanigans so the boys also discuss how to not get trapped in stupid work email, The Serpent and The Rainbow, Lara Pulver is a hottie, why Martin's doing a chronological reading of Malibu's Ultraverse, why Famous Monsters Magazine won't take Martin's money, and a costume idea that has even Nick blushing. Thanks for listening!

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