Talk'n Bout Turtle Soup

Jan 18, 2019    01:12:45

Shell Shock

In this episode Paul and Joey talk about TMNT Urban Legends #1, TMNT Macro-Series #2 Michelangelo, Secret Of The Segment (Top 3 Fav TMNT Villains), It's Joey's turn to Stump Paul in TMNT Trivia, A Mystery Character Spotlight (Fugitoid). 

Opening (0:00)
Urban Legends #1 (03:16)
Secret Of The Segment: Top 3 Fav TMNT Villains (14:38)
TMNT Trivia (31:12)
Macro-Series: Michelangelo (41:06)
Mystery Character Spotlight: Fugitoid (59:30)
Closing (01:07:06) 
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