Goongala, Goongala Indeed!

Feb 02, 2019    01:19:02

Shell Shock

In this third installment of Shell Shock Joey and Paul try out a new show format. They start from the begining with the IDW  Ultimate Collection Vol 1 #1-4, Secret Of The Segment (Eastman and Laird Begins), Mikey's Longbox, Character Spotlight( Casey Jones), and Trivia. So skip the meditation session with Master Splinter and Listen to this exciting new episode of Shell Shock! 

Opening (0:00)
IDW Arc #1-4 (6:36)
Secret of The Segment ( Eastman And Laird Begins)(30:13)
Mikey's Free Comics Day (33:48)
Mikey's Longbox (34:20)
Pain 101 (49:15)
Character Spotlight (Casey Jones) (49:39)
Trivia Intro (1:05:47)
Trivia (1:06:14)
Closing (1:12:44) 
Voicemail # 480-442-1584

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