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CBW is a look into the likes and loves of a guy who likes and loves lots of things. Comics! Music! Sports! Wrestling! And more!  Every episode is guaranteed to be filled with something interesting! So give it a listen and ramble around inside the head of a guy who has lots of great thoughts to share from inside his truck!

Comics In Black and White is hosted by and produced by You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @cbwpodcast, by sending us an e-mail.

Comics In Black and White has released 38 episodes since launching on Dec 12, 2016

Paul is joined by recurring co-host Dennis Chandler for this episode to discuss Drew Hayes' Poison Elves from Mulehide Graphics/Sirius/Ape Entertainment. What sets this book apart and why did they pick this book for the podcast? Listen in and find out!

What happens when two TMNT fanatics sit down to talk?  Find out in this episode when Paul (@whospaul) is joined by Zach Bowden (@edsnotecomics). The two go way back to the 80s for this episode and cover all kinds of Turtle Power greatness.  Plus, Fugitoid!!!  

You think you know something about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  Wrong!  But don’t worry, after this podcast you will be well on your way to TMNT enlightenment. So sit back and enjoy the seventh episode of Comics in Black and White.

In this episode, Paul is joined by Jay Loving to discuss Maggie the Mechanic, volume one of Jaime Hernandez' contribution to Love and Rockets.  This episode also marks Michael Sparkman's debut as the podcast producer extraordinaire for CBW.

In this episode of Comics in Black & White Paul (@whospaul) is joined by fellow podcaster and friend Ronnie (@ronbar316) to talk about the rest of Rachel Rising. This is the first ever follow up episode where the guys dive back into the series to see if the rest of the issues were just as exciting and compelling as the first that Martin and Paul already talked about. Was the ending as good as they hoped for? Did the series keep their attention? What were some of their favorite characters in the series? Haven’t finished Rachel Rising yet? If not hit the pause button until you have bc the guys go in depth into the story. Will the guys revisit it often for a reread? How does it stand up overall compared to other books they’ve read? Tune in and find out!

Welcome back to Comics In Black and White, the podcast that aims to explore the importance of black and white comics to the comic book industry. In this episode, Paul and Martin discuss the first volume of Dave Sims' epic, Cerebus which was first published in 1977. Will the boys enjoy this classic book or will they find the aardvark to be a stinker? Listen in to find out!

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