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It's that time of the week where Martin talks about his top books of the week on Top Of The Pile but first, tons of other stuff! Martin kicks the episode off with some feedback and observations about the state of comics today. Then, some announcements including a giveaway for the Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe card game from Overworld Games and an upcoming appearance from some comic creators on the podcast. Then, he discusses his picks of the week including Rought Riders: Ride or Die #2, Factory #1, Breathless #1, Avengers #686 and a surprising top choice with Mother Panic: Gotham AD #1! Thanks for listening!

It's time for another therapy session as Ronnie Barron from a multitude of podcasts joins Martin for Therapy Thursday! In this episode, Ronnie and Martin go a bit deeper into the Rebirth/Metal discussion, why Marvel is doing things right with their "fresh start", how instant gratification is ruining media, plus, what will the comic industry will look like in ten years. Then, Martin tests Ronnie's Marvel knowledge in a game he dubs, Are You A True Believer? 

In today's episode of Comic Talk Today, Martin pulls another rant out of his hat, this time, about his con experience this past weekend, why some vendors just shouldn't bother showing up, and how you can find the right places to buy books. But first, listener feedback to yesterday's episode on the death of DC Rebirth! Finally, we round out the episode with Comic Predictor, in which Martin finds a selection of books coming out on new comic book day which you should consider picking up.

Comic Talk Today is back with a new episode in a series Martin is calling, The Rant. For this first rant, Martin tackles the question, is DC Rebirth dead? With the recent Justice League announcements, Martin revisits some thoughts that have been floating around his head about the move away from the premise of Rebirth and how Dark Knights Metal is the new direction of the DC universe. What has happened to Geoff Johns? Is Snyder the new creative mind for DC? All this and more, on Comic Talk Today!

In today's episode of Comic Talk Today, Martin brings you a brief part of the DC Publishers Panel from WonderCon 2018. Much of the information we got from the panel was information we already had about DC Zoom, INK, Black Label, and the Sandman Universe, but Scott Snyder came on the panel to discuss the future of the Justice League post Metal and No Justice and how that will affect the core team, the spinoff titles, the Titans and more. Let us know what you think about the new information!

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