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Need a little joy in your life? Then you've come to the right place! Join Nick and Martin every week as they take a seat on the comfy couch for an in-depth discussion at all things nerd as they dive into subjects ranging from tv, movies, comics, tech and more!

Nerdy Legion is hosted by Martin Ferretti and Nick Wetz and produced by Martin Ferretti. You can support this show by visiting our merch store , directly though Patreon, or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @nerdylegion, by sending us an e-mail.

Nerdy Legion has released 242 episodes since launching on Aug 08, 2015

Feeling alone? Hungry? Tired? Need a little pick me up? Nick and Martin are back with a fresh episode of the Nerdy Legion podcast for your listening pleasure. In this episode, the boys talk a little bit about what they've been up to before moving on to discuss our love of Thor: Ragnarok and our hate for the Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser...ok well, it's mostly Martin poo pooing on Star Wars...but Thor looks awesome! Then, we discuss some movies we've seen lately, new trailers, C2E2, and more! Thanks for listening and find us on Twitter @nickwetmore and @geekvine!

Ronnie (@ronbar316) and D’Juan (@collectvaliant) are back at it again with this new ep of Nerdy Legion Open Bar second episode. When the drinks get flowing who knows what the guys will say or talk about. Actually we do! In this episode the guys talk about getting ramped up for C2E2, D’Juan is now addicted to DC Noise and esp to Keith. Is Valiant really ALL connected? Like Dead Drop…. Seriously… where does that fall into play? Set back and drink it up just like these two are and enjoy the conversation.

Listen to D’Juan on Collecting Valiant, Listen to Ronnie on Rebirthically, Ultimate Marvel Podcast, Aftershock Central and Podcast of 1,000 Holds.

Welcome back to the show that keeps getting longer and longer every week, The Nerdy Legion! This week, Martin and Nick talk about Martin's trip to SC Comic Con 2017. We talk about getting to meet some great creators including a couple Martin had never seen before, how this con is different from others, news and takeaways from the show and more! Plus, Martin dives deep into the four Ominous Press one-shots, and his newfound love for Luke Foster's Doctor Bananas. Then, Nick updates Martin on some new book pickups that came as recommendations a few episodes ago including X-O Manowar #1, The Old Guard #1, and we get into a discussion about the first two episodes of The Wild Storm. All this and more, on the podcast with the most comfortable couch in the world!

Ronnie (@ronbar316) is joined by one of the newest Nerdy Legion Podcast family members D’Juan (@collectvaliant). D’Juan is stuck in the Gulag and Ronnie is just popping tops. The two talk about how each got into Valiant, some sports talk, how great the Slack channel community is. The guys talk about the future of Valiant and some specific characters and what they think could happen. What’s the difference between being a Big Boss Playa Playa and a pimp. What will happen when the gang comes together at C2E2? Still Not A Play but they crush a lot…

Listen to D’Juan on Collecting Valiant, Listen to Ronnie on Rebirthically, Ultimate Marvel Podcast, Aftershock Central and Podcast of 1,000 Holds.

Nick and Martin are back and this time we kick things off by discussing the latest Wonder Woman trailer. Are we still excited for this film (maybe)? Do we still plan on watching (duh)? Plus, our top superhero films discussion, Martin talks a little bit about Grass Kings and a new trade he's excited to read, 

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