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Need a little joy in your life? Then you've come to the right place! Join Nick and Martin every week as they take a seat on the comfy couch for an in-depth discussion at all things nerd as they dive into subjects ranging from tv, movies, comics, tech and more!

Nerdy Legion is hosted by Martin Ferretti and Nick Wetz and produced by Martin Ferretti. You can support this show by visiting our merch store , directly though Patreon, or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @nerdylegion, by sending us an e-mail.

Nerdy Legion has released 242 episodes since launching on Aug 08, 2015

Welcome to a special episode of The Nerdy Legion where Martin is joined by Darrell Taylor to discuss The Wild Storm #1 by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt. Martin and Darrell go down memory lane and talk about some of Ellis' previous Wildstorm work as well and how that seems to have influenced the new book. Then, we dive into a discussion of Cullen Bunn moving to DC, working for the big two, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Secret Empire, the tough business of physical comic shops, and more! But where's Nick? Tune in and find out!

Martin returns from his self-imposed hiatus because to tell you the truth, he just couldn't stay away from podcasting. It's like crack, I tell you. This week, Nick and Martin chat about M. Night Shaymalan's "Split", the RPX movie experience then shift into comics with a chat about Infinity Inc. Vol 1 (guest starring Martin's six year old daughter), Warren Ellis, indie picks, Comixtribe's Sink #1 and so much more! Plus, Valentine's Day doughnuts, crockpot recipes and more!

In this episode of The Nerdy Legion,, Nick and Martin go about their usual tangents, starting off with things they've watched lately before a mention of Denny O'Neil takes the boys that a winding path. Plus, Plastic Man, Phantom Stranger, the return of Samurai Jack, Martin goes on hiatus, Nick reads the Avengers Vibranium collection, Nick reads Batman: I Am Gotham and more!

This week, our friend Rob Krygier from Comic Book Booster Club and Geekbrunch Retrocast joins Nick and Martin for an extended discussion of Starman Volume 1 (issues #0-16) by James Robinson and Tony Harris. We dive deep into every issue and just what makes this comic book so special...and how it's made Martin hunger for more Golden Age goodness.

On this episode of the Nerdy Legion podcast, Nick and Martin gather on the comfy couch for an episode full of actually related tangents. First up on the list, Nick and Martin talk about quarter bin diving and the preparation it takes to do a successful dive. Are there tools we use for quarter bin diving? How about doing it at cons? Apparently Martin is crazy, but he has a plan! Then, we talk about tips on making a con successful, how to find original art for a little cheaper if you're willing to do a little research, Martin's top 10 Batman creators, DC One Million, Martin's top three indie picks of the week, video games, TV, movies, and more!

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