Paul And Michael Occasionally Save The World

Paul and Michael may not always be able to save the world, but occasionally make it a little bit better by sharing what brings joy to their lives! Join them as they discuss comics, movies, music, sports, life, novels, Audible, and anything else that is in their arsenal to occasionally save the world.

Paul And Michael Occasionally Save The World is hosted by and Michael Sparkman and produced by Michael Sparkman. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail.

Paul And Michael Occasionally Save The World has released 23 episodes since launching on Apr 04, 2018

Hey! Let's talk about De La Soul, Brian Woods' Northlanders, Neil Gaiman's American Gods, The Boys of Summer, The Black Company and more.  And--Slow yourself down!

This week the guys discuss the pros and cons of modern technology and social media.  Then they look at why Paul might hate Batman, the best Batman movies and throw out a few reading and watching recommendations.

This week we are happy to share our thoughts on the Coen brothers'  The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Jeff Lemire's comic Royal City, and the music of Macklemore.

It's the end of the year as we know it and we feel fine!  Join Paul and Michael as they jump into the Spiderverse, Risk, Sweet Tooth, Uncanny X-Men, Brian Wood's Northlander, Valiant Heroes, Zatoichi, the Ballad of Buster Scruggs and much more! Have a safe and happy New Year!  We'll be back soon with a New Year Episode!

Behold, the birth of a new podcast, in all its glory!  Brought to you by one half of the Save the World team and one half of the Bat-Pod, you're about to get Shell Shock!  TMNT podcasting at its Nerdy Legioniest!

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