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Nerdy Legion is the home of nerdy podcasts you will love, ranging in topics from comics, to television, movies, and technology. Brought to you every week by people just like you. We are the nerdy, and we are legion.

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Meet The Team


Ronnie Barron

Ronnie is a co-host and producer on multiple Nerdy Legion podcasts. In his down time, Ronnie is also a father of 4, an IT Consultant, a baseball coach and reads tons of comics and watches tons of TV/Movies of all different flavors. He is the jack of all things but the master of none.

Twitter: @ronbar316

Shows: Aftershock Central Podcast, Rebirthically, Ultimate Marvel Podcast and Podcast of 1000 Holds


Aaron Bell

Reluctant podcaster who enjoys talking about a great deal of topics. May pop up on any of the Nerdy Legion shows.

Twitter: @aaronsbell

Shows: Rebirthically and Podcast of 1000 Holds


Justin Ehart

Justin is a man with a stack of comics and a beard, whose beard is exceeded only by his stack of comics.

Shows: Collecting Valiant


Joshua Eves

Joshua Eves is a co-host and producer on Valiant Effort, and is also part of the idea factory that is the network. In his free time, Joshua is also a father, small-business owner and avid hiker.

Twitter: @iwantvaliant

Shows: Valiant Effort


Martin Ferretti

Martin Ferretti is an avid comic book reader, Hearthstone player, IT professional, father, and all around geek. His fascination with Valiant Comics may be bordering on the insane, but hey, it keeps him happy. Looking for a place to call new show ideas home, he created Nerdy Legion to scratch an itch that keeps on itching.

Twitter: @geekvine

Shows: Aftershock Central Podcast, Comics In Black and White, I Am Gotham, The Nerdy Legion and Valiant Central Podcast


D'Juan Hammonds

D'Juan is from the far off galaxy of Ohio where he lives in the barley habitable region of Columbus. D'Juan is a part-time high school official in basketball, football, softball, and baseball. When he has a bit of free time he loves to talk about any and all things Valiant.

Shows: Collecting Valiant


Mike Labbe

Although he is the Dean of Wrestling, Michael’s interests stretch beyond the squared circle to almost everything nerdy related. From TV, to movies, comics, actions figures and more. When he’s not spreading his nerdom to his 3 kids he’s writing for his blog, The Wrestling Insomniac.

Twitter: @superstarml

Shows: Podcast of 1000 Holds and What Did You Watch This Week?


Ed Moore

Cartographer by day podcaster by night. Comic book reader since the days of The Shogun Warriors. Husband and father of two rounds out his free time.

Twitter: @tealproductions

Shows: Boom Addiction


Chris Partin

Twitter: @chrispartin

Shows: Boom Addiction


John Spier

IT geek by day, superhero in training by night, John has cultivated an insane love of all things nerdy since birth. From his passion for comics, sci-fi, and fantasy, to his insatiable appetite for gaming in all forms, John is a true "geek of all trades, master of none."

Twitter: @thequantumg33k

Shows: What Did You Watch This Week?


Paul Tesseneer

Paul Tesseneer reads comics, makes coffee, and raises his son to love Ninja Turtles and continues to build a comic book library of 90s Valiant awesomeness.

Twitter: @whospaul

Shows: Comics In Black and White, and Valiant Central Podcast


Jack Sutherland

Husband, father, musician, and a full stack web developer. Look me up at www.jacksutherland.com

Twitter: @jacksutherland

Shows: Aftershock Central Podcast and Ultimate Marvel Podcast


Nick Wetmore

When Nick isn't lounging on the nerdy comfy couch, he's passing out hugs & back rubs

Twitter: @nickwetmore

Shows: The Nerdy Legion