Hurry! We've Got A Movie To Catch!

Welcome back everyone!  This week, the guys are working on a deadline after making an impromptu last-minute decision to go see a late showing of Deadpool 2!  This won't stop them from diving DEEP into a few shows though, like the season finales of Timeless Agents of SHIELD and The Blacklist, as well as the regularly scheduled episode of The Flash and a very confusing episode of Westworld!  Come let their voices titillate your sound receptacles!

Show Me Those Heavenly Blues With Ben Kahn

It is time for another installment of therapy Thursday on Comic Talk Today so this week, Ben Kahn, creator and writer of Shaman and Heavenly Blues joins Martin to talk comics and the awesomeness that is the Justice League movie (come at us!). We dive deep into Heavenly Blues, his latest work from Scout Comics and discuss inspirations, character development, growing as a writer, religious themes and so much more! Plus, the ultimate Justice League trivia challenge!

Cyborg Lois Lane

On this week's dose of insanity, Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) stay totally on topic while talking about the second issue of Justice League No Justice.  Does this issue draw the guys into the story more?  Is it possible to have made them even less interested in the series?  They also catch up on Sideways and Damage, while starting the New Challengers.  To wrap things up, they talk about the DC TV cancellations and renewals before talking about what they hope will be available on the DC streaming service (as well as pitching a few ideas of their own).

You can tweet the show directly @DC_Absolute with any questions, comments, or concerns.

It's Been Awhile!

Michael checks in this week to go into greater detail on some books he's just finished, some books he's reading now, and some books he plans to read!  Some of them include:  A.G. Riddle's The Atlantis Gene, Joe Hill's Locke & Key, James S.A. Corey's Caliban's War, Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, Charles Portis' True Grit, and Jim Butcher's Grave Peril.  And he takes a look at a recently released list of the Top 100 Stories of All Time.  Enjoy the show and tell a friend it you do!

Ramblings Of A Mad Man

In this episode, I finally get back to Rob's Recommendations, plus an oversized segment of SPARKY DEMANDS ANSWERS!

I Love The Smell Of Comics With My Coffee

On this episode of Comic Talk Today, it's the news! Martin talks about the resurrection of Supergirl and her spiffy new costume, the cancellation of Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps and why it will have lasting repercussions for the DC universe, Comixology's Twitch announcement teaser, and of course, Mark Millar's announcement that Magic Order will receive no second printings and whether or not that's a good thing. Plus, the comic predictor!

May Previews

Dennis and Jay discuss the May Previews catalog for comics released in July.

Top Of The Pile For May 21, 2018

A new week means it's time for a new Top of the Pile on Comic Talk Today! On this episode, Martin talks about some of his favorite reads from last week's new comic book day including A Walk Through Hell #1, Ether: Copper Golems #1, Flavor #1, New Challengers #1, The Wild Storm #13, and Cable #157. Plus, Martin dives into a listener recommendation and discusses Cul De Sac, a horror anthology book from Australia that he instantly fell in love with. You can pick that up right here.

Essential Star Wars Urban Cowboy Celebration!

The three amigos are back together again for another fun 2BT: All In Da Family Episode.  They dive into artificial intelligence, Star Wars Celebration 2019, Urban Cowboy music, and, as usual, much joyful mayhem.  Oh, and Michael gets attacked by a kangaroo!  Enjoy the episode and please tell a friend!

Like Father, Like Son

In this episode, Ronnie grabs his son Austin and co-host of Timey Wimey Podcast Hour talks about some Marvel comics. Which ones Austin has liked in different stages of his life. Which Marvel movies appeal to him the most? Which characters are some of Austin's favorites and why? What's his young take on the newer characters taking over the mantle of the older ones? Find out all this and more

It's All About Those Previews!

Welcome back loyal listeners!  This week on the top-rated podcast about all things nonsensical, the guys only have a couple of shows to talk about, but manage to get pretty in depth with them.  The real meat an potatoes of the show, however, is talking about the previews, trailers, and news stories that came across their desks recently.  From movies that look great, to new fall tv shows, to updates on the wrath of the Cancel Bear, this week is jammed full of all the information you could hope for, and then some!

Talking Wrestling With Roy

Mike is joined by his pal Roy and they chat up wrestling as they drive to Ring of Honor & New Japan Pro Wrestling's War of the Worlds in Lowell on May 9th.  Check out last weeks episode for our thoughts on the show. 

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