It's My Destiny To Become Batman

Nick and Martin are back after a short hiatus to bring a little joy to your weekend! We kick things off with a little discussion about traveling the world which of course leads to Anthony Bourdain and ultimately to a fantastic discussion on food. Hey, it wouldn't be a Nerdy Legion episode without it. Plus, Martin binge watches The Twilight Zone with the fam, Nick has a thing for Costco, and why Martin is destined to become Batman. How much more can you want from the Grabby Award winningest podcast in the world?

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Welcome back to the comfy couch, friends! This week, the Nerdy Legion unites to discuss Spiderverse, the Spiderman event from 2014. Will this event trap us in its web or makes us wish we'd never read it? Listen in and find out!

Spiderverse Reading Order

  1. Superior Spider-Man #32 – August 6th
  2. Edge of Spider-Verse #1 (of 5) – Sepember 10th
  3. Superior Spider-Man #33 – September 17th
  4. Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (of 5) – September 17th
  5. Edge of Spider-Verse #3 (of 5)
  6. Edge of Spider-Verse #4 (of 5)
  7. Amazing Spider-Man #7
  8. Edge of Spider-Verse #5 (of 5)
  9. Spider-Man 2099 #5
  10. Amazing Spider-Man #8
  11. Amazing Spider-Man #9 (Part 1)
  12. Spider-Verse Team-Up #1 (of 3) (tie-in)
  13. Spider-Verse #1 (of 2) (tie-in)
  14. Amazing Spider-Man #10 (Part 2)
  15. Spider-Woman #1 (tie-in)
  16. Scarlet Spiders #1 (of 3) (tie-in)
  17. Spider-Man 2099 #6 (tie-in)
  18. Amazing Spider-Man #11 (Part 3)
  19. Spider-Verse Team-Up #2 (of 3) (tie-in)
  20. Scarlet Spiders #2 (of 3) (tie-in)
  21. Spider-Woman #2 (tie-in)
  22. Amazing Spider-Man #12 (Part 4)
  23. Spider-Man 2099 #7 (tie-in)
  24. Spider-Verse #2 (of 2) (tie-in)
  25. Scarlet Spiders #3 (of 3) (tie-in)
  26. Amazing Spider-Man (Part 5) #13
  27. Spider-Woman #3 (tie-in)
  28. Spider-Verse Team-Up #3 (of 3) (tie-in)
  29. Spider-Man 2099 #8 (tie-in)
  30. Amazing Spider-Man #14 (Part 6)
  31. Amazing Spider-Man #15 (Epilogue)
  32. Spider-Woman #4 (Epilogue)

Welcome to an all new episode of the Nerdy Legion podcast! This week, Nick and Martin are joined by Todd Fisher from the Off The Ropes podcast, a weekly show discussing the world of professional wrestling. Todd is also a huge comic book nerd so we talk about the latest reboot rumors from Marvel and DC, how comic book cinematic universes should tie into the comics, a possible Planet Hulk movie in the works, comic book recommendations, and whether the state of the comic book industry is seeing a resurgence of everything that we saw back in the 90s! You don't want to miss it!

Welcome to another episode of the Nerdy Legion podcast, the show where we discuss comics and geek culture. This week, Rob gives us his impressions of the Wonder Woman omnibus, we talk about Secret Wars and the world of the X-Men, Sandman, Unity, Star Wars and so much more! Thanks for listening.

This week, the Nerdy Legion comes together to talk about the first full Suicide Squad trailer and we give our first impressions. Does it hold up to the hype or will we be glossing this one over? We also briefly discuss the Deadpool trailer and the Wonder Woman sneak peek!

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