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Jinx, You Owe Me A Coke

On this week's episode, Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) catch up on the last few issues of Damage.  How do they hold up to what's happened before?  Does the Annual maintain the high level the recent Annuals have been on?  This conversation leads to a brief discussion on the rest of the New Age of Heroes books, and which books they just haven't cared enough to keep up with.  Here's a hint, it's the same books for both of them.  The go over the finale of the Batman/Deathstroke arc in the continually fantastic Deathstroke series.  This leads into some thoughts on Damian and Red Hood.  Also, is there a possible Red Hood appearance coming in either the DCEU or the Arrowverse (or i suppose the new DC Universe service)?  Ronnie reveals that he has never read Sandman, which somehow doesn't surprise Aaron.  And finally, they end up getting into the first four Jinxworld books.  Without spoiling that conversation, they both liked all four, but their rankings are wildly different.

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This week, Ronnie (@ronbar316) manages to sneak away from work to talk some comics with Aaron (@aaronsbell).  It's quite a week to make it back, with every book being pretty stellar.  Which book made the guys feel like a kid reading their favorite comics again?  How did the newest Rebirth one-shot stack up with all the rest?  how does Hal Jordan reconnecting with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps affect things?  All that and more, on this week's episode of Rebirthically (@NLRebirthically,

Ronnie's (@ronbar316) work schedule is keeping him pretty booked, so Aaron (@aaronsbell) has recruited the Nerdy Legion gang to fill in.  Martin (@geekvine) and Nick (@nickwetmore) join in to discuss all the main DC Rebirth topics of the past week - Marvel digital codes, how do you age while time travelling, and All-Star Superman.  There's also a chance they talk about how great Aquaman keeps being, how much better Nightwing has been since the move the Bludhaven, how having 3 artists on Green Arrow makes Aaron something something, and how Superman hasn't had a slip up yet.

You can contact the show directly at or @NLRebirthically (and you can also harass martin and nick at their show's twitter @nerdylegion)

Spoiler EMO New Year so this week Aaron (@aaronsbell) and Ronnie (@ronbar316) are joined with friend Darrell Taylor (@theVoice123) from DC Weekly Reads and Gotham By Geeks to discuss the last two weeks of DC Rebirth books like #Batman, #Superman, #GreenLanterns. what is the guys top DC book of 2016? Batman? Detective? Superman? Wonder Woman? How far off the rails do they get? Darrell feeling sick to his stomach but is it because of Burger King or something else? Give a listen and find out!

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Is there discord brewing on the show?  Is it possible that Aaron (@aaronsbell) and Ronnie (@ronbar316) don't agree on the books they've been consistently loving?  Which book falls in their eyes?  Could it be Detective Comics?  Deathstroke?  The completely unnecessary DC Rebirth Holiday Spectacular?  How are Wonder Woman's first trip to America lessons going?  Can Lex Luthor be Minority Reported in Action Comics?  All those questions and more are answered in this week's episode of Rebirthically (@NLRebirthically

This week, the boys (Aaron - @aaronsbell and Ronnie - @ronbar316) talk all things Rebirth. They will take some time to answer all the hard hitting questions, such as - Why are these books all so good? and - Did the artists benefit by having an extra week between releases? They also reveal which book made them feel like a kid reading comics again. (also, they probably didn't read Harley Quinn or Cyborg, but they do talk a little bit about Death of Hawkman, Deadman, and Midnighter). You can contact the show directly @NLRebirthically or by email

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