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It's time for a new Comic Talk Today and in this episode, Martin answers tons of listener questions in a segment now entitled, The Letters Column. In this episode, Martin talks about underutilized Batman villains, a comic book title and dream team, a bunch of questions on the 100 page giants, diving into Grant Morrison, how Martin shops for comics, what he looks for in Kickstarter projects and tons more. Thanks for the feedback and as always, send questions to @geekvine or 

Join Martin three to five imes a week as he dives deep into what's going on in the comic book industry from comic to movies and tv to deep dive discussions on topics that matter.

Comic Talk Today is hosted by Martin Ferretti and produced by Martin Ferretti. Feel free to get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail.

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A new week means a new Top Of The Pile on Comic Talk Today! On this episode, Martin discusses some of his favorite reads from last new comic book day including Man of Steel #2, The Unexpected #1, Justice League #1, The Immortal Hulk #1, Doctor Strange #1, Cellies #1, and Sword Daughter #1. But first, a couple of announcements as Martin talks about a couple of new segments he'll be premiering on the podcast including Top 5 starting this Friday. 
On a special weekend edition of Comic Talk Today, Martin is joined by D'Juan Hammonds from the Collecting Valiant podcast to discuss the latest batch of announcements from Valiant Comics including four new books which may give us an indication of the direction Valiant is taking over the next year or so. Not only do we have new titles but also fresh new talent joining the company including Vita Ayala, Zac Thompson, and Lonnie Nadler so we discuss the importance of that to Valiant's narrative. 
It's Thursday which means it's time for a little comic book therapy, and on this episode of Comic Talk Today, Martin is joined by the creative duo behind the incredible Australian horror anthology book Culdesac! The trio talks about their love of horror comics, the Australian comic book market, being star struck at conventions, working with Comixology, and of course, the book itself! If you want to grab a print copy, check out Shawmill Comics' Etsy store
Welcome to another jam-packed episode of Comic Talk Today! In this episode, Martin talks about some of his favorite bits of comic book news including the fact that video game retailer Gamestop is getting into the comic book distribution game and what that could mean for the future of print comics, rumors of the return of Cliffhanger!, a creator-owned imprint of Wildstorm, being resurrected over at DC and whether that means the Vertigo name no longer means anything, and of course, the comic predictor in which Martin discusses some of his picks for this week. 
A new week means a new Top Of The Pile on Comic Talk Today! On this episode, Martin talks about some of the standout books from last new comic book and even though it was a fifth week, there were some strong releases including The Last Siege #1, Hillbilly #10, The Prison #2, Pestilence: A Story of Satan #1, Judge Dredd: Under Siege #1, Harbinger Wars 2 #1, and the pick of the week, Blackwood #1. Where's the Man of Steel talk you ask? Tune in and find out why Martin won't be talking about it this week. 

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