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This Means Gwar! With Matt Miner

Can you believe it's been 100 episodes? Me neither! Joining Martin on this momentous occasion is writer and editor Matt Miner whom you may know from such projects as This Nightmare Kills Fascists, and All We Ever Wanted: Stories of a Better World. Matt has a new book out from Waxwork Comics called Poser, a slasher horror story set within the punk rock scene of California that Martin really loved. The two talk about all these projects plus, the merits of Kickstarter, their shared love of anthologies, the evolution of the punk rock scene over the years and more!

It's a new week so that means it's time for Martin to talk about some of his favorite reads from last week's new comics book on the Top of the Pile. This week, Martin discusses Tony Stark, Iron Man #1 from Marvel Comics, The Wild Storm #14 from DC Comics, Fathom #1 from Aspen Comics, The Lost City Explorers #1 from Aftershock Comics, Ruin of Thieves #2 from Action Lab and Shanghai Red #1 from Image Comics. Thanks for listening!
Welcome to the first installment of Top 5 on Comic Talk Today! For this first edition of the new segment, Martin talks about some great comic book universes that he wishes would see return to comics. The list includes the Dakotaverse (Milestone Comics), the Ultraverse (Malibu Comics), the Sigilverse (Crossgen), Red Circle/Impact/Dark Circle, and Earth 295 (Age of Apocalypse). Plus, stay through to the end for some bonus picks and some universes Martin hopes never return. 
DC announced that they will be releasing 100 page giants starting next month which will be reprinting some New Age of Heroes and New 52 material alongside brand new original stories from writers such as Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Tom King, and Brian Michael Bendis. This all sounds great until you learn that these books will be exclusive to Walmart stores in the United States. In this episode, Martin dives into these books and what the exclusivity deal could mean for comic and non-comic fans alike. 
On a special Therapy Thursday, Nick Wetmore from the Nerdy Legion podcast joins Martin to discuss some hard hitting topics! Will Batman and Catwoman actually get married? Should creators on top selling titles get paid more and how should that affect the price of the book? Is Grant Morrison really the best (yes)? Plus, Bendis did a great thing, Nick and Martin's top Spider-Man artists, and Nick partakes in the Spider-Man trivia challenge!
Welcome back to another episode of Comic Talk Today! On this episode, Martin discusses Diamond's plans to bring back the spinner rack by using comic book shops as a third party to test out selling comics at "complimentary" locations. Will it work? Martin has some thoughts on that. Plus, Martin answers listener questions about how publishers can keep their readers happy, his favorite comic book runs and creative teams, whether the industry is dying or not (it's not) and more!

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