Where Is Jimmy Olsen?

Nick and Martin return to their shenanigans with a look at Jimmy Olsen! Where is Jimmy Olsen and why does DC not make him a key part of the DC universe? And what does Jimmy Olsen have to do with Grant Morrison being the greatest writer of the modern era? Then, what's going on with Stan Lee, some parenting discussion, Then, the difference between new and old comic book readers, 

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Welcome to a special episode of The Nerdy Legion! In this episode, Paul and Martin talk about digital comic book services like Hoopla, Comixology Unlimited, and Marvel Unlimited. Plus, some of our favorite things we're reading. Enjoy, and let us know what you think. Are you still reading mostly physical copies, or are you diving into digital head first?
It's time for another episode of The Nerdy Legion! This week, Julian Ferretti joins Nick and Martin to discuss all kinds of geek culture. First up, some follow up to last week's episode and why Martin is still right. Then, a short conversation on why The Twilight Zone is still the best show to ever hit the airwaves. Finally, a spoiler-free conversation on Thor: Ragnarok, why Marvel movies aren't as appealing to Martin anymore, why Justice League is the best movie ever (remember, this was recorded before any of us even saw the film) and more. Plus, C2E2 2018, bartending school, Dave and Buster's sucks, and so much more!
Nick and Martin return for an all new episode of The Nerdy Legion, the show that should never be called that but hey, no one's listening. This week, crock pot adventures, Martin boycotts Walmart, our homes are so smart they're dumb, and more! Be sure to send all your hate mail directly to @whospaul on Twitter. 
Yes, it's true! A second episode of The Nerdy Legion is now live in your ears (or it should be). This week, Nick has some follow-up on our Nintendo Switch discussion from last week. Then Martin talks about the latest Marvel Legacy relaunch, Moon Knight #188 and whether it lived up to expectations. Finally, a long discussion about the news that Brian Michael Bendis would be leaving Marvel to join DC and what that could mean for both companies. Plus, what does that have to do with flipping couch cushions? Tune in and find out!

It is time for another episode, legionnaires,,,the Nerdy Legion is here once again to bring some happiness into your universe. This week, Nick and Martin are all over the place with an extra length episode, but trust us, this is a goodie. We kick things off with how Nick got his wife to watch Stranger Things that leads into a discussion of the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and where each movie ranks for us. Then, the return of comic book talk as Martin talks to Nick about Captain America #695, The Jetsons #1, The Gravediggers' Union #1 and the absolutely amazing Medisin #1-5. Plus, listener questions!

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