Heroes Aren't Hard To Find

Nick and Martin return with an all new episode of the award winning Nerdy Legion podcast to talk about Heroes Con 2018! Martin got to attend the show this past Saturday and had a blast! The boys talk about the con experience, meeting up with friends, and of course, chatting with creators. We hope you enjoy the episode, and thanks for listening. 

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Ever wonder what the Nerdy Legion podcast sounded like if it came out in 1998? Well, wonder no more as this episode is a SNL skit all on its own about that very thing. Ferret Tim played by Aaron talks about his new fast pasted PC and DSL as The Mickster played by Ronnie listens on in wonder as he's dialed in. What do these two also talk about? Psh... it's 1998... they talk about everything that is happening in the world around them. New casting news for the brand new Star Wars movie getting ready to come out. Dreamcast news and they know for a fact. 6 Gigs of hard drive space is WAY to much to ever fill up! What's a Crazy Taxi? Maybe go Jet Set Radio on this episode. Happy Holidays everyone!
It may be Christmas week for us, but Nick and Martin never rest! On this episode of the Nerdy Legion, the boys chat about what a disaster the new "Bright" movie might be, why Max Landis rocks anyways, what Kenny G has to do with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and finally, Nick and Martin go full out spoilers on their thoughts on "Justice League" now that Nick has finally seen it. Will it be a lovefest? You better believe it, this is the Nerdy Legion.
The biggest news of the year was announced this week and Martin just had to talk about it. Welcome to a special edition of the Nerdy Legion podcast. Martin goes solo for this one to discuss just what the Disney Fox deal means for us geeks including what Disney is and is not purchasing, the implications across TV, movies and comics, and a whole lot more.
Welcome to an action-packed episode of the Nerdy Legion podcast, THE flagship podcast of the Nerdy Legion Podcast Network. This week, Nick and Martin have tons to discuss including the latest Ready Player One trailer, Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse, how awesome the Netflix original Altered Carbon looks, a must see documentary in Future Shock: The Story of 2000 AD, The Expanse, Get Out and so much more!
What does the Amazon Echo have to do with the upcoming zombie apocalypse? How can a small bitcoin investment lead a discussion on the cult classic Dark City and the Mandela Effect? Why is Warren Ellis such a damned good comic book writer? All this and more will be revealed on this episode of the Nerdy Legion podcast!

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