Welcome to the Ultimate Marvel Podcast, a biweekly show discussing the latest in the Marvel Comics universe. From comics, to TV, to movies, Jack and Ronnie tackle the latest and greatest coming out of Marvel Entertainment.

Ultimate Marvel Podcast is hosted by Jack Sutherland and Ronnie THE Barron and produced by Feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @ultimatemarvpod, by sending us an e-mail.

Unpopular Opinions With Austin

This week Austin joins Ronnie again to talk about his favorite Marvel movies and Marvel TV shows. Be warned because he's full of unpopular opinions. Then they side bar into favorite Spidey costumes as well. What's Austin favorite Marvel Movie? What's his favorite Marvel TV show.... answers might shock you!

What's up true believers! New episode has Ronnie The Barron talking with co host of the Best of The Rest podcast Jay Loving. Jay has read very little to no marvel but has recently been curious about some up and coming titles and even purchased the Marvel Unlimited app. What does he plan on reading? How lost was he reading the new Marvel books he picked up? Listen in and check it out!
In this new episode, Ronnie is joined by his friend and co host of the Absolute DC podcast, the man who HATES everything.... Aaron Bell. Ronnie steers the ship and figures out what Marvel books does Aaron really like. What's Aaron's top 5 X-Men? What's his top 3 most hated Marvel character? Aaron also shocks Ronnie by telling him that he is indeed picking up 3 current marvel titles! WHAT THE WHAT!! Hold on because there is some derailment like normal.
Ronnie is back! This time the infamous Darrell Taylor joins him as they dive into some new books, some direction that Marvel is going comic book wise and what has them excited on the media side of things. Plus lots lots more. Never fear Marvel faithfuls, we are back at it regularly this time and we won't leave your earholes for long anymore!
In this episode, Ronnie grabs his son Austin and co-host of Timey Wimey Podcast Hour talks about some Marvel comics. Which ones Austin has liked in different stages of his life. Which Marvel movies appeal to him the most? Which characters are some of Austin's favorites and why? What's his young take on the newer characters taking over the mantle of the older ones? Find out all this and more
This podcast is full of SPOILERS for the movie Avengers: Infinity War... You've been warned!

After years of anticipation, Thanos is finally on his quest for the Infinity Stones. And UMP was there opening day to experience the MCU magic, and to share our thoughts. Jack is back once again, and this time he is joined by D'Juan Hammonds from Collecting Valiant, and Leroy Dee from the Comic Bullies podcast on Outright Geekery. Join as we geek out and break down this awesome movie in it's entirety. And don't forget... Thanos DEMANDS your slience!

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