The New Age Of Heroes Wraps Up C2 E2

Apr 12, 2018    00:40:58

Absolute DC Podcast

This week Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) talk about Ronnie's weekend trip to C2E2.  How was his DC experience at the convention?  Well, listen and find out what he enjoyed the most during the Batman Panel (which we released as a bonus episode for you this past weekend).  They also talk a bit about how comic companies were represented on the show floor, and why Matt Kindt is the best convention guest possibly of all time.  After they finish talking about the con, they talk a little bit about the first issue of The Curse of Brimstone. Then they finish up talking about their hopes for The Immortal Men, and if the second issue of The Terrifics held up to the first.

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