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This week John and DJ fly through the news as it seemed a little slow but they more than made up for it in Check out with 3 really good books.  Plus lots of WandaVision talk with a little argument a brewin'.  Hmm, we'll see...

And speaking of seeing, NOW see the guys on YouTube

After a shortened Podcast due to weather last week the boys are back in Arkham Comics and Games!  And boy is there a lot to cover.  Tons of news including one of John and DJ's favorite comics of late getting a TV Series.  Discussion of the Spider-Man Title and teaser.  DC is getting into Podcasting?  Daredevil making his way back to Disney+ but maybe not how we intended.  TONS of WandaVision talk with spoilers at the end of the show.  And hey, Hi Dr. Joe, I know you might be the only one who reads this far in so a shout out to you!  Also, some really good books this week too.  Head into the store and hang out with the boys for some comic book store talk...

Special Report from stormy Houston Texas as John is unable to join the Bright Side Chat this week.  But DJ powered through the storm to bring you a brief Bright Side Update from right outside the locked doors of  Arkham Comics and Games.  Stay safe and stay warm everyone.  The boys will be back together next week...

John and DJ are back in Arkham Comics and Games for another great comic book store chat.  The boys kick things off with some Breaking News.   A few rumors to talk about this week.  A very interesting series coming to HBO Max that has the boys lets say perked up a bit.  A little D & D action this week. Snyder cut drawing ever closer so there's always something to talk about with that.  And is there any other big thing?  I feel like I'm missing something...   Maybe somebody is playing with my mind.  You better to get into the store and see about what I may be forgetting.  

Welcome back to Arkham Comics and Games. It's been two weeks since John  and DJ have been together and they have a little catching up to do.  WandaVision is a given.  Not only more Snyder Cut news and rumors but a few more things from HBO Max as well.  Netflix is ramping up again with a couple of interesting titles.  And not to be outdone Disney+ has some rumblings as well out of Wakanda.  All of this and a huge week in Checkout with five books.  Lots to get to, lots of fun, just come on in and hang out with the boys!

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