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I feels like on the last episode we led with change is constant, and … well … ain’t that the truth!? In this episode listen to James and Eric talk about some of the goings on in what is sure to be a multi part series played out over time of the divorce between DC Comics and Diamond distribution.

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We’re back!!! It’s been over a year since our last episode, and we are back for 2020. Things are happening, the industry is shaking … and we are talking shop about collected editions. Join us as we discuss publisher practices, what makes collected editions valuable, and what we look for when ordering ahead!

It’s been 2 months!! What have the guys been up to?  Listen in to get the scoop on the new shop, new work load, and plenty of fun stories from the move.  After that, James and Eric discuss the recent weeks in the industry as it relates to DC Comics.  What in tarnation has DC Comics been up to?! Batman #50, Wal-Mart … Hear our thoughts!

Eric and James sit down to talk about the 2018 Diamond Retailer Summit ahead of the C2E2 conventions in Chicago, IL.  Hear as the guys break down the activities of the day, including the DC and Marvel panels, as well as some smaller publishers making good waves … and perhaps some controversy?

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