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Ever wonder what comic nerds talk about at a bar when they are with their friends? Deep in a friendly bar buried in the Podcastica commune, where everyone knows your name, an assortment of podcasters pop tops, drink wine, and talk about anything and EVERYTHING. It all started with Ronnie & D’Juan but anyone can show up at any minute. Pull up some bar stools and let the drinks pour until LAST CALL is called out.

Open Bar is hosted by Ronnie THE Barron and D'Juan Hammonds and produced by You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @nlopenbar, by sending us an e-mail.

Open Bar has released 16 episodes since launching on Jul 07, 2017

Every great season has that one episode that's a musical. Well D'Juan provides the music and even sings a little.... Nick chimes in with his solo as well. Martin shows up in his spaceship cosplay at first. Ronnie and Jay just tell Dad jokes. The Open Bar also welcomes a new drinker to the bar stool as Travis joins the party on his way through. If the bar stools ain't rocking... don't come a knocking... Enjoy!

The Open Bar crew is back for more shenanigans than should be allowed on a podcast! Join Martin, D'Juan, Jay, Dennis, Aaron and Paul as they catch up since the last year and bring you some chat that is definitely NSFW. The boys chat comic collecting, sports ball shenanigans, convention stories, why Aaron hates Star Wars and more on the show that's often called a "trainwreck on wheels"...and what does Lionel Richie have to do with all this? Listen in and find out.

Welcome to a special Open Bar where Nick and Martin take over the show! A few weeks ago, Martin made the horrible mistake of tweeting out, "The only way to cook a grilled cheese sandwich is in bacon grease #healthyeating" and this is the story of the soap opera that ensued as a result of that tweet. Plus, how to become a social media sensation with #disruptiveinnovation (and no, we have no idea what that means). Outro music is Dr Dooom: Body Bag.

This week Ronnie and D'Juan post up at the bar while the women are out shopping. Jack and Jay show up to talk everything from sports to comics to turkey day traditions. Who gets the turducken? Everyone enjoy your ride homes or to your dinners and set back and have a listen to this tamer than usual episode.

Ronnie is back at your favorite Hoboken bar with Nick, Jay, and Dennis.  All is well except for the dead bodies.  Then Martin shows up and all hell breaks loose.

Enjoy the show and remember it is NSFW.

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